8 BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS 2014 – by Kimberleigh Russell Welply

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Suggestions for Christmas gifts 2014 by Kimberleigh Russell Welply




I’ve always been a fan of real fur for the very simple fact that the previous difference between faux and real fur was so distinct, faux fur just didn’t come close in terms of quality. This season however sees a new and very exciting contender on the fur coat rails – Shrimps. This is the coat that all girls want this year – ethical and incredibly cool. What’s not to love?


Ktag beanie

Streetwear has seen a real renaissance in the last couple of years but so often the price tag that comes with it leaves your bank balance suffocating. So I give you Ktag’s beanies. New York based affordable streetwear label that has all the cool kid characteristics of a new urban wear brand with a price tag that we can all get our hands on. And she ships to Europe – quickly!


Fuji Instax insta printer

It’s no secret that I am addicted to iphonography and instagram and so when fuji developed this little polaroid printer that works with your phone to print you shots instantly – well in short, I was over the moon!


Fine Art

“Woah!!” I hear you say. But wait! I don’t mean an €1000 painting. There is
nothing quite as wonderful as being able to hang a beautiful print on your wall. If you are even slightly comfortable with a camera go out and take some shots. Get one blown up and framed. Be as far out and extraordinary as you want.



A Vinyl Record player

As wonderful as his ipod is and his itunes library looks there is nothing quite like the sound of a good vinyl shimming away in the background. What a fantastic way for him to start a new love affair with music as well.


Guitar lessons

I have a true weakness for all boys with a guitar in their hands and as much as any guy may not admit to it his inner rockstar is dying to make like Jimi Hendrix strumming out on the stage at Woodstock. So do him a favour and indulge him. You’ll both appreciate it.


Sorel boots

A must for all men when it comes to wandering around in the winter.


A classic men’s scent

Nowadays the perfume counters are flooded with new bottles from all the designers (and dare I say it, the Popstars of the World as well) but my advice would always be to buy your man a classic timeless fragrance. It’s not old school
– it’s elegant. He’ll learn to love it more then you can imagine.

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