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A dream is possible | the Mag

by Cristina Crisci


It’s not easy putting together a newspaper. Let’s be honest, we live in a time where communication has become ‘deconstructed’ in favour of messages in the ether. Putting news onto paper cannot be taken for granted. This project is more than a year old now: that’s 14 months with 8 editions every two months.

We try to talk about something interesting; experiences, successful ideas, events and talent. Basically, about people who have a dream. In fact with the first of 2014’s editions we portray Eva’s dream with a series of photos of her alter ego, then a dream that has already come true for the 19 year old Michele Bravi on XFactor. Then there’s the well structured dream of Frankie HI Nrg and the independent record company who are going up against Sanremo with two of his songs and a new record.

We speak to Giulia Mercati whose dream was to turn her designs into clothes, and to Michele Rossi ,the Editor for Rizzoli and the man behind many of the successful books of the last few years, of his literary dreams. We have an interview with Graziano Scarabicchi, well known for his TV ads, and finally there’s the second edition of CaLibro Festival; a literature exhibition that is among the finalists for ‘Che fare’, where they could potentially win some substantial funding for their project. (don’t forget to vote for it).

In our own way we try to offer you these small tokens to get the New Year off to a good start. Starting well is half the work done. Who stops is lost, and who stops dreaming goes against human nature and our imaginations.

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