A ship in the city

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The apartment to which a couple moved just a few months ago with two children is very new. The soft, sinuous lines that characterize the structure of the small villa are visible even from the outside.

by Lucia Fiorucci

The architecture mixes with the design of the furnishings, some custommade, others chosen with care and taste. The curves of the walls and of the particulars are harmonious with the materials and the light, which comes in abundance through the large windows. You feel like you are in a ship; maybe that’s because the friend of the family Veris Valentini, passionate about interior design and about yachts planned and designed with dedication not only the architecture, but also the details of the interiors, from the fireplace to the stairs with steps where each one is different from the other, from the design of the doors in two colours to the windows with their roundedness. The day area is well-lit. Here the furniture, custom-made in lacquered wood having a leathered effect, together with the varied pieces in design, like the lamp and the wall-lamps by Vistosi, the table in crystal and wood by Paroda. The kitchen by Valcucine is simple, but practical and very elegant. And the table Air by LAGO is a gem in itself, together with the bench, with the leather cushion under a large window, where you can comfortably relax and pretend to be cradled by the waves of the sea. Here the floor is tiled and continues outside; all the rest of the house, bathrooms excluded, have a beautiful wooden flooring in smooth oak. Upstairs, the night area is characterised by the bed Fluttua by LAGO, which visually gives you the idea of sleeping suspended in air.

A note to the curious

On the basement floor there is a room furnished with elegance and convenience. Together with the big wooden table for dinners with friends, we find a refined Moroso sofa, with a matching footstool and armchair, and delicious side tables in Corian and wood. Although we are in the basement, there is a lot of light, thanks to the large window which is behind the staircase, that brings you to the garden and the bigger porch. It is a protected area because of the long portico covering, characterised by an oval opening in crystal taking advantage of the window of the living room. Just like a yacht…


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