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At the end of a rather strange and not so prolific summer, while tales of war were multiplying all around us, I met a woman who drives for peace.

To me the history and culture of people who  call for peace, have always been interesting. I mean, how many of us have grown up listening again and again to memories of war, imprisonment, curfew and hiding places from our grandparents, maybe sitting on their knees. War – we’ve heard about it, read about it and looked at the pictures in the papers and on TV. The world is a powder keg;  Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America, in every continent there are active conflicts. And they’re not as far away as we think. The Pope has spoken of the Third World War. Isis launches messages of terror. So when I was given the chance to interview Noa, I was reminded that it’s good to accommodate a person who fights for peace. It wasn’t easy because I had a lot of questions to ask and I didn’t imagine that she’d be one for talking much. Instead, it was the exact opposite. In the interview, published in this issue, I asked her many things, this person who defines herself as a free woman in spite of the fact that her campaign has also created her some problems, such as the cancellation of one of her concerts in Milan. Noa is  like a flood that overwhelms you with an emotional wave of good intentions and pacifist visions, gesturing, smiling ironically, and demanding silence when it comes to important things. Because when you move in certain regions, every word has a specific weight. The cover story is that of a woman who comes from a country at war and sends a message of peace. And I’m glad to have met her and given her a voice. In the same vein many other characters move inside these pages, stories of people who in spite of everything, continue to do interesting things. Finally, a special thanks to Baldino, our guest on the pages of “La China e la matita.” Enjoy!

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