Alessia Ferri: A DANCER AT EXPO!

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The Umbrian Alessia Ferri, 22, lives in Milan where she will be graduating at DanceHaus, the Susanna Beltrami Academy of Dance. Thanks to the Academy she was able to take part in the opening ceremony.

Between auditions she performs for television programs, commercials and festivals. In her free time she loves to walk around “her” Milan.

by Lucia Fiorucci 

Alessia, you took part in the opening ceremony of Expo 2015. What was your role?

«My role in the opening ceremony was to walk with one of the many flags belonging to the Bureau International des Expositions. Along with the Frecce Tricolore in my opinion it was one of the nicest things about the event. An important responsibility that I will never forget».

The ceremony was undoubtedly amazing, what was the atmosphere like?

«Although we were a small part of the ceremony it was very gratifying. Being in the spotlight for the world to see, all the effort, the endless tests and fatigue were all rewarded by the smiles on the audiences faces and the press’s acknowledgement».

The Expo 2015 celebrations can been felt all over Milan. What are the aspects that interest you the most on a daily basis?

«The city of Milan has always been full of opportunities but with the arrival of Expo it has been enhanced even further and there is a European air to the city. In my opinion Milan has become the European capital of art even more than before».

There are many events organised for Expo, which ones do you not want to miss?

«With Expo, the city is full of events, parties, exhibitions and so on, but what I can’t miss is the Cirque du Soleil. They will be performing to a global audience at Expo’s Open Air Theatre; a show that will appeal to any visitor».

Going back to you, what has Milan offered you while you have been studying at the Academy?

«Milan has broadened my horizons and enriched me culturally and personally. It is impossible not to become thirsty for art and culture in a landscape that offers so much to its people. Every corner of the city has to be seen and there are glimpses of the old Milan that leave you breathless. Meanwhile for work it has given me a stepping stone that probably I would not have had elsewhere; I started with small shows and events, and slowly I am making myself known and increasing my business contacts, from adverts, flashmobs, short films and performances in art galleries».

Is Milan where you will be in the future?

«The future is always unknown, but I really hope Milan will be my adopted hometown, a place where I can expand my art and my want to know».

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