Amanda Sandrelli: men can’t accept that women are worth more

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«Tale Madre Tale figlia» (like mother like daughter) was a success during the theatre season at the Teatro Dante in Sansepolcro; and for this reason we interviewed the star Amanda Sandrelli.

Is the script bit of an ‘investigation into the world of women from woman’s perspective?

«It definitely is about women written by a woman (Laura Forti, ed) with whom I have already done another show about motherhood; I was interested in the mother-daughter relationship because it is there that issues are born and remain».

Has your experience as a daughter influenced you as a mother?

«Except for the fact that I have sons, yes. Where in the play the mother is neglectful, judges, blocks and makes her daughter feel unloved, I had the opposite problem with my mother who always gave me too much, but the love of a mother is never too much! So with my children I have a natural approach».

The script also speaks of the competitive relationship between women…

«In a male-dominated world the women in the script imitate the males and tend to behave like them in a competitive way, including any unpleasant attitudes… I hope this is no longer a successful strategy and in fact companies have demonstrated collaboration, team work and empathy are more effective… so therefore women are better managers».

In this particular piece there is no male character but when there is (in books or films) they are always a petty figure…

«Men today are increasingly in crisis, I have always been a feminist, but never against men… diversity is always good and today men do not accept change in social action and women’s independence. There are few men who accept to stay with a woman without overpowering her, even intelligent men suffer a woman who is more so, whereas for women it is not a problem. Men have their pride, we therefore need to change our way of thinking and make it clear that a career and a family are not antithetical, everyone should work but less. Women included. I myself would have stopped working with my first born if it wasn’t for my mother and her example. When the children leave home what happens to a woman who has given up on ‘herself’».

The bathroom, where the whole play is staged, is seen as an inner place as well as physical place?

«Yes, and it is a strange place that begins as being extremely realistic, and then gradually transforms and with a ploy the tone of the script is increased. It is as if the worst fears materialise on stage to then be rejected for a new loving relationship at last, if the relationship is sincere».

Are interesting female roles more difficult in film or theatre?

«Up to ten years ago I would have said film, however now there are many films with a woman as the lead character, clearly though there is a wider margin in theatre… at 50 though you have to do theatre».

Was it a hindrance the fact that initially you were considered ‘the daughter of Stefania Sandrelli and Gino Paoli’?

«It was a privilege, a fortune that you have to know how to take advantage of because in the end the public will not forgive you; I never had any problems otherwise I would have done another job, I have never experienced jealousy or anxiety. My work is satisfying and one must never stop learning».

Does the 8th of March still have a meaning in your opinion?

«The controversy is silly, holidays are beautiful I like them all, like Mother’s Day for example. It is true however that they are commercialised, if anything, I would celebrate Valentine’s Day in the American way, as a sign of ‘love for others rather just the couple».

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