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A great success for Amanda Sandrelli at the Dante Theatre in Sansepolcro with the show “I live in a Jungle, I sleep on thorns”, text and directing by Laura Sicignano, written in collaboration with Shahzeb Iqbal based on real stories of young immigrants in Italy.

by Massimo Zangarelli

The actress was also at the center of a meeting with the public, coordinated by Caterina Casini, artistic director of Permanent Workshops within the project realized with the Tuscan Show Foundation, herald of ulterior initiatives.

Mrs. Sandrelli, the theme of the show is of great actuality …
“Certainly, but besides the social theme there is the relational one, because the text analyzes interpersonal dynamics…it is all treated lightly without pretense of sending messages and without dramatic emphasis but able to dig into the depths of the characters and of their respective contradictions”.

The comparison between your character and that of the boy in your custody reveals the various levels of conflict: generational, gender, upbringing…
“And then the fact that the protagonist is a woman-lawyer makes the relationship with the young man even more difficult…the difference in gender represents the larger problem because for a certain type of culture recognizing respect and authority in a female figure is very complicated…at least until one realizes that it is the woman who possesses, by nature, a bigger capacity of welcoming”.

After the welcoming there is the problem of integration…
Which is very difficult: integration requires reciprocity and can not be forced and here is the risk to create ghettos, communities closed on both sides”.

Why, for your debut as a director did you choose a text like “The little Prince”?
“They proposed it to me by chance and I accepted it because the text itself already favors a theatrical adaptation: it was a very wonderful experience as well as a difficult one since it spoke to both adults and children, therefore next time I accept directing a piece, I will be care for directing only without going on stage”.

In Sansepolcro, ‘Permanent Workshops’ carries out a recognized activity of theatrical training…
“Theatre should be taught at school as a subject because, as an activity experienced first-hand, it promotes relating oneself with others as if it was a game in a kind of neutral zone which works like a group therapy…”.

Recently you declared your satisfaction about a new love, lived with a different knowledge, given your age…
I was very upset over the end of my only marriage (to Blas Roca Rey, editor’s note) even though a union can end without anyone’s specific fault…and after much suffering, I, reckless and passionate, am living a relationship which gives me strength, which I need, I am not afraid of it, it respects my personal space and can change every evening…like a theatrical representation. The fact is that when one is young, you look for someone as similar to you as possible, then instead, with maturity you want someone more different from you than ever…of course the challenge is more complicated”.

Harassment: do you place yourself nearer to ‘Metoo’ or to Catherine Deneuve?
“Personally I have to say that I have never experienced harassment at work, but 5 times I have been assaulted, on the road, while travels..it is a very delicate subject. Certainly those who harass should be persecuted, all this uproar is okay if it helps to strengthen the counseling centers, but we must pay attention that we don’t start a system where it becomes too easy to denigrate a famous name”.

Interesting female roles: are they more difficult at the cinema than in the theatre?
“Until ten years ago I would have responded yes, now there are many films which have a as the center a female character, certainly at the theatre the allowance is broader…at 50 years old then you have to do theatre unless you are my mom…”.

The fact of being considered at the beginning of your career as ‘the daughter of Stefania Sandrelli and Gino Paoli’ was that a stimulus for you or an impediment?
“A privilege, an enormous fortune which then however, you must be able to earn because ultimately the public does not forgive this advantage; I have never had a problem otherwise I would have done another career, I have never felt jealousy or anxiety for competition towards my parents, my work satisfies my completely and then you can never stop learning”.

Does the 8th of March still make sense in your opinion?
“The controversy is dull, holidays are nice and I like them all, like Mother’s Day, then it’s true that they are commercialized, if anything I would celebrate Saint Valentine’s more the American way, as a sign of love towards others more than just within the couple”.

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