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Entering in Andrea Lensi’s home, one has the impression that even the canvases are not enough to contain the forms and colors that characterize his works.

Lamps, cushions, old advertising posters and even the dinner table, every surface becomes a work of art and at the same time a piece of furnishing, it is an art that is destined to be used every day, just as in the pop tradition.

By Claudia Belli

«I am decisively a pop artist. My visual culture comes from the 70s -80s, from the Pazienza comics to Bowie records to the diaries of Jacovitti. I crossed paths with the developing Italian street art in Rome a few years ago where I showed my art in a couple of collections and I was immediately impressed by the creative energy that showers this new art form. I adore the murals and I have to say that I have tried with pleasure to realize one. You really need to have a lot of energy, even physical, to realize works of great dimensions, hanging from a shaky ladder or being  daredevilish on a moveable lift. For this reason I decided to become a street artist from my living room, ha ha ha, it is much more suitable to my character», says Andrea. The immediate effect of his style is in fact that typical style of artists who choose the street as their gallery, but his works are destined for other places and though not poor in content it is the quest for its appearance that gives it its dominant character. It is not by chance that Andrea began as a graphic designer and it is easy to find the precision and the balance in the typical compositions of a certain creativity, even in the apparent chaos of his personal world made of funny little men and little monsters, it is the rhythm which determines the harmony.

The oestrus, for how flourishing it is, needs continuous impulses: what are the special ingredients that bring this inventive balance?

«Music is the fundamental stimulus in my creative process. I relate myself to the work in front of me especially with music. My think-pot is the web. I travel in the music of the world through the web, through the images. I like the web, I like social network. I find it very interesting to share things on the web».

For how much the web can give enormous possibility to make oneself known and to share, even a street artist from the living room must go out of his own home. . .

«Of course, it is always exciting to be present with one’s own works, but it is even more for me, to be able to realize them in front of the public. My way of interpreting art has pushed me in these years to do “live” performances, small and large, in the most varied of places. From the pub, to the great street murals for the Festival delle Nazioni 2013. All of this brought me, exactly one year ago, to create a work of art “live” in an important international context in Bilbao, in one of the most prestigious museums of the world. A very intense experience».

The video of this performance recalls the experience of Jon Burgerman, a British artist that Andrea follows and with whom he has contacted thanks to the web, but the most interesting collaborations can come from artists with the most diverse concepts but who are geographically closer:

«My next stop is Perugia. On 16 June we are going to inaugurate the show “Body&Soul” in the space of the Artemisia Art Gallery which was realized together with Giampaolo Tomassetti and it will remain open during the whole Umbria Jazz period. Up until 23 July Giampaolo and I will present a show full of small contaminations, of rhythms, of sounds and colors».

Decisively it is a very important moment in Andrea’s professional life, he has decided to take his artistic side more seriously imposing methods and discipline on himself and the same rigor keeps him busy in the kitchen, though according to him, it is not exactly his natural habitat. The white bowls with the ingredients ready to be chopped by the mezzaluna knife are in ordered rows and with a certain chromatic appraisal, besides the palate, the eye desires his part.

«These spaghetti, which we will lovingly call “alla siciliana” are nothing more than a metaphysic representation of my scarce dedication to cooking. They are easy, fast, but at the same time tasty and artsy enough to be able to propose for an impromptu dinner. A handful of raisins, some pine nuts, two anchovies and garlic. Chopped, I put them in the pan to heat with some capers and a little bit of tuna. We put in the spaghetti and at the end two fistfuls of toasted breadcrumbs which joins all of it, sweet and salty. The most important ingredient: the wine! Red and if possible strong».

I have to say that the result is excellent and it represents the esthetics of the works of Andrea very well thanks to the entangled spaghetti and the strong tones of the Mediterranean flavors in pleasant contrast from one another. The only fault: the unbalanced proportions between the pasta and the condiment, far from the harmony of the canvas but also a legitimate symptom of the irregularity of an artist!

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