Andy Warhol’s pop art lands in Burri’s home Town – Interview with Romano Boriosi

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Andy Warhol’s pop art lands in Burri’s home Town – Interview with Romano Boriosi

«I never read. I just look at pictures». This quote from Andy Warhol is the inspiration for an exhibition coming to Città di Castello, the hometown of another modern artist, Alberto Burri. The Association Editebro organized the show in honor of the pop art guru. It is an historical association started in 1961 by Nino Boriosi: a poet, a philologist, and an expert on Etruscan history. His son Romano explains here to The Mag the details of the exhibition, which will bring seventy pieces of Warhol’s work to Città di Castello.

By Cristina Crisci

When and where will it be possible to see Andy Warhol’s work in Città di Castello?

«The exhibition, which I put together with the help of Emidio Amblentis, will open on the 30th of August (at 6pm) in the historical Pinacoteca Comunale, and it will end on the 27th of October.

Warhol had an eclectic personality which epitomized pop art. His work ranged from visual arts, to music, to movies… what will be on display?

«The exhibition, which is possible thanks to Cepu Arte, is focused on Warhol’s most intimate connection with his European roots. The pieces shown are of various sizes and include the iconic characters from the Sixties and the Seventies. There will be the Maos, the Marilyns, the Mick Jaggers, the Liza Minnellis and many other famous and less famous subjects like the Space Fruits. We’ll also exhibit the Campbell’s Soup and the Campbell’s Carton Box, the Electric Chairs, the Flowers, the Ladies and Gentlemen and the most famous album covers he designed. Then there will be the Campbell’s clothing in cotton and celluloid, the offset printings on paper and various other pieces generally called Memorabilia».

Will we find something about the relationship between the artist and Italy?

«Yes, the exhibition will include a separate collection entitled ‘Andy Warhol – Trip to Italy’ by the artist Dino Pedriali from 1975. It documents one of the American Genius’s first trips to our country».

Is this exhibition starting a new sort of activity for your association?

«Well yes, thanks to the irreplaceable Andrea Meucci (vice president of our Association and manager of Digital Book) we are planning a new event which could be bringing Modigliani’s work to our town»..

Special thanks for supporting the Andy Warhol project to the Comune of Città di Castello, the Association “Palazzo Vitelli a Sant’Egidio” and the Foundation “Rosini Gutman”.



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