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Anna Cuzzolin
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Anna Cuzzolin is a young photographer from Città di Castello trying to make it in this field. She studied in Florence and now is back in her hometown to practice what she learned in the city and to make art. We at the Mag are publishing some pictures she took of “her Florence” and she agreed to talk with us about her passion and her work.

anna cuzzolin - the mag

anna cuzzolin - the mag

The Mag: The title of your photo essay could be “A wet Florence”.  How has living in that city been important for you? Did Florence inspire you?

Anna: ”In my pictures Florence appears as almost magical! It is a wondeful city, perfect in every color and smell… it is a source of inspiration no matter how you look at it.”

In this city I found many young photographers with the same kind of passion I have. Interacting with them I was able to grow as an artist. Here in my hometown of Città di Castello there is less competition, while in Florence I found many different artists, each one with their own style.

The work I am presenting in The Mag came to me almost by chance… I was walking in the street with a friend on a wet afternoon and I found a disposable camera on the ground.

The city was deserted and it seemed the perfect opportunity to record this unusual atmosphere.”

The Mag: You went to Florence to follow your dream of becoming a photographer, and now you are back home. What happend?

Anna: ”During my stay in Florence I was looking for something different from the place where I grew up. I found there, a lot of inspiration. I met many people… but let’s be realistic, living for a passion is not always easy, and to make that passion into a profession can be even harder.

My first attempt to thrive in the big city had to end, and now I am back in my hometown digesting all my experiences, the good and bad ones. I will continue to work in the places where I find myself.”

The Mag: How do you think Italian people perceive photography?

Anna: ”Photography is very underestimated here. The general thinking is that anybody can be a photographer, an artist, but obviously that is not true! Some people call themselves photographers and they don’t even know what the aperture does in a camera. It is a fact that technology allows anybody to use a camera, but for me photography is not a matter of academic education. It has to do with passion, commitment and most of all, creativity (something you cannot learn).”

The Mag: You are 22 years old. Are you thinking about a career as a professional photographer in Italy?

Anna: ”I already have a career as a photographer. Isn’t photography already my job?”

The Mag: We mean, would you consider getting another job and having photography as a hobby in your spare time?

Anna: ”I would take some other job so that I could support my work as a photographer if I determine that taking pictures and making art isn’t enough to make a living. But photography is my center of gravity, it always will be, whether I call it hobby, work ot passion.”

The Mag: Do you have any projects going on at the moment?

Anna: ”First of all, I am hoping that your new magazine and website (The Mag) will lead me toward new opportunities. Apart from this I am hopinng to finalize an idea I have been considering for a while. It has to do with children: I would like to give a group of kids some disposable cameras, just like the one I used in the Wet Florence project, and see what happens.”

The Mag: When we took your picture for the cover of The Mag you mentioned you are taking a trip to London. Are you looking for inspiration?

Anna: ”Well of course! I never travelled as a photographer before and it will be a totally new experience. Maybe when I come back we can talk about it…”

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