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Monte Santa Maria Tiberina is a small town made up of 1300 inhabitants including many foreigners.

The second edition of ‘Artists at Monte’ will be held on the 24th and 25th May with 17 artists exhibiting their works, (in 11 different locations around the town and its surrounding area), and who will open their studios to allow the general public to have a go at creating their own pieces. ‘Open art in an open space’: a modern concept that merges with the beautiful and the historic setting of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. A town standing in the shadow of the Bourbon Castle that has, over time, hosted exhibitions such as Caravaggio, Dario Fo… just to name a few.

Unlike last year, the castle will also be used for artists that have been unable to find available space in the studios. Using the bespoke map, visitors can follow the route, combining their passion for art with wanting to see the typical villages around Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. At the Circolo Arci Marcignano, on Sunday afternoon there is a ‘Creative Workshop’ where children can get creative and experiment with colour. We spoke to Lucy Toop, one of the organizers, to find out more about this event.

How did this small but important event come about?

«My husband and I have taken part in many ‘art trails’ in our home in Bristol, UK, and thought it would be good to introduce the concept to the community here. We suggested the idea to our group the “Terra d’incontri” and various members immediately wanted to get involved. With a lot of support and enthusiasm, the numbers grew and the idea was embraced and enjoyed by everyone who took part. During the last meeting we decided to form a committee for the organisation of the event, with members of the cultural circle and some artists: Patrizia Roncolato, Valerie Zanotto, Lucy Toop, Richard Joy, Pierni Valerian, Sara Splendorini and Patrizia Regini, Riccardo Allegria».

Will visitors also be able to participate artistically?

«In some places, yes. Valerie will be making mosaics and will focus on using recycled pieces (using found objects), and Lucy will be teaching drawing to adults and children. Since we don’t know how many visitors there will be, the atmosphere will be very informal and relaxed, so if there’s something different the visitors want to learn we’ll probably be able to do it».

What does the association ‘Terra d’incontri’ do?

«Terra d’incontri is a group made up of foreigners and locals and is a way to meet up with friends to share interests and resources. We have organized all sorts of events including lunches together, card games, walks to clean up local areas or just country walks. We’ve also had visits to gardens, fundraising events for local schools, carnivals, scientific lectures and got involved in the renovation of the Aracalena church. Basically we give each other a hand».

What’s new this year?

«Those who want to participate in the initiative this year, will be able to find the brochure with a map and a list of artists in the following locations: San Secondo Bar dello Sport, Lerchi Bar Paola, Lippiano Bar Il Pretino, Monterchi Bar Frizzino».


Andrea Tana, Philip Needham, Patrizia Regini, Sara Splendorini, Jocelyn Tress, Herbert Wolz, Andrea Pieracci, Julian Biagini e Lucy Toop che oltre ai dipinti presenterà anche delle sculture. Altre realizzazioni da non perdere sono i mosaici di Valerie Zanotto, le decorazioni di Elisa Cassini, i lavori in miniatura di Valeriano Pierini, i lavori in pietra di Claudio Alunno e quelli in vimini di Angelo Bianconi, i giocattoli in legno di Fabio Palumbo e i decoupage e le pitture di Esmeralda Gnaldi. Ci sono infine, ma non certo ultimi, gli artigiani, con le opere in ferro di Giuliano Scarabocchi e Massimo Giordani, i lavori in cuoio di Sebastiani Cassini e i mobili dipinti a mano di Lara Oscari.


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