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What is the ‘right to be forgotten’? – The Lawyer’s corner

‘The right to be forgotten’ is a peculiar form of the right to privacy. It protects people’s interests, in that, repeated publication of a news item that in the past was lawfully published, can no longer continue. This will ensure the confidentiality that normally arises from the passage of time when the diminished relevance of the news is no longer in the public interest. The Court of Justice of the European Union, in a judgment on 13th May 2014, reiterated […]


To share or not to share…? (Posting photos on-line) – the Lawyer’s corner

To share or not to share…? (Posting photos on-line) These days, taking photos with mobile phones and digital cameras and putting them on the internet is very common practice. Every day we see images on social networks of people doing all sorts of things, and in all kinds of situations, and yet, rarely have the subjects given their permission for us to do so. In some cases this could be illegal, and may violate copyright laws. In fact, the general […]


Downloading music from internet

Downloading music from internet by Michele Cancelieri Italy is among the greatest offenders when it comes to illegal downloading of music from the internet in violation of copyright laws and abusing musician’s rights. Many people assume that if you do it for your personal use without making money from it, you are not committing a violation. But it is not true. Sharing musical files without profit, like when you use “file sharing” programs such as BitTorrent or others, can get […]


The Right of keeping weapons

Owning a gun in Italy is simpler than you think. Every citizen over 18 years of age, who didn’t commit any of the crimes specified in 1931 “Decreto Regio” (articles 11 and 43), can get a license to own a gun for personal defense, sport, hunting or collecting. Despite this, gun ownership is not common among Italians. According to latest estimates, in Italy there are about fifteen millions guns, mostly for hunting purposes. We could say that about one in […]

Renting your house or apartment for “touristic” purposes

In the previous issue of The Mag, Lawyer Cancellieri talked about “Freedom of Speech“. In this, however, he talks about renting your house for touristic purposes. In a recession, owning a second home can be a burden because of extra taxes to pay. Your entrepreneurial spirit can transform the problem into a form of income, thanks to the “Rental For Touristic Purposes” regulation. It can be a casual activity with no need for opening  a “Partita IVA”. Here is some […]

Freedom of speech

In the previous issue of The Mag, Lawyer Cancellieri talked about “Alcohol – The magic number”. In this, however, he talks about freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is directly related to freedom of opinion. In every modern democracy it is an absolute right, intrinsic to human nature. It is the ability of having personal thoughts about a topic and being able to express them. In the Italian Constitution, the 21st Article establishes: “Everybody has the right to express freely […]

ALCOHOL – the magic number

As of September 2012 it is illegal to sell alcohol to minors in Italy. Law 158 decrees that all servers of alcoholic beverages must request a form of identification to confirm the age of the person requesting a drink if there is any likelihood that the person is less than 18 years of age. The Fine for serving liquor to minors starts at € 250 and is doubled for every offense till € 1,000. But in cases of repeated offences, […]