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06 Mar 2018

New Looks

There are so very many things which I would like to speak about here, to introduce this number, that I don’t know from where and who to start. Let’s begin with what’s new! One day I went into a building -with a beautiful entrance among other things – of the city center in Città di Castello to meet a group of architects: they wanted to speak with me about one of their ideas. A pleasant conversation among women about transversal […]

07 Aug 2017

Cristina Crisci editorial – And they call it summer

Summer is when I just can’t stop marveling over a field of golden grains, at the expanse of sunflowers, at nature’s green overload, at the air that has turned warm, at the smell of the asphalt when it rains, at the sunsets, at the sun when it goes down behind the hills and perfectly redesigns the borders, at times harshly others softly. By Cristina Crisci One doesn’t get used to beauty, thankfully, and to me it seems new every time. […]

16 Jun 2017

How things change – Cristina Crisci editorial

From time to time it is not that things become easier. In the continuous fluctuation of events, of which often I make reference to when I write these short editorials, I mean precisely referring to the mother of all the certainties: things change. The editorial by Cristina Crisci  They change in continuation and there is no possibility at all to stop them. Not even to the most audacious and fearless is it conceded to dominate any situation infinitely. Therefore, we […]

14 Apr 2017

From world to world, editorial by Cristina Crisci

Good-bye forever, or maybe just good-bye is enough. The decision is one: leave, then we will see. Editorial by Cristina Crisci Worst case, we will go back home. Instead no. Every year the number of people who leave to go abroad is growing. The reason? Italy is a country in crisis which does not offer jobs but the desire as well to run towards a place where the word meritocracy has a meaning, where the leadership is a better managing […]

13 Dec 2016

Feel Good

In a kind of ideal passing of the baton between the year that is leaving us and the one that is arriving, we would like to leave traces that have shades of the colors of the rainbow. And even the brilliance of the light, like sparks of the enthusiasm that moves everything and can do everything. The same one which has pushed the people who are on these pages in their small or large endeavors. Having objectives, working on obtaining […]

17 Oct 2016

Heart and Dust

«If the rose wilts in the garden, then it is the fault of love which is still sleeping» sings Vinicio Capossela in the words of his latest work «Canzoni della Cupa», where with all the enchantments of the situation, stories of earth and sky are intertwined. In the middle, on the imaginary line which separates grains from the sun, women and saints float, earthly and heavenly collisions that expand in farming seasons because, as the same author says, «we need […]

10 Aug 2016
Cristina Crisci - the Mag


I could write a long thought here about the series of horrors that we have had to watch, read and think about in these times in which not even summer carefree moments can find a place. But I won’t. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about it. We, in our own little way, with all the difficulties of the case and the months that quickly turnover, have page after page created and edition that is full of faces, of […]

21 Jun 2016

Talents and magic

There are certain phrases that remain stranded somewhere. No matter how long and how often recur, you know they are there. As for me, amongst those parked in the limbo of memory, there is one in particular that sometimes returns. A rather grumpy university teacher of mine, oft repeated in his really good literature lessons, reminded us students, «Try not to lose sight of your talents, look after them but don’t expect them to appear by magic; it’s possible there’s […]

13 Apr 2016
Cristina Crisci - the Mag


«We have to resist. We have to insist and stay up there again if it is possible. Touching the clouds. Or living high up like two acrobats», sings Daniele Silvestri in his latest album, a project that was particularly successful and strangely enough considering the average tastes of Italian music, it hit the charts. To him, a guest in Umbria, we have dedicated our cover, a small show of our intentions between April and May, like designing a post-spring calendar, […]

01 Mar 2016


It was 1926 when Giuseppe Paci decided to take over the ex-stationary store Valori in the central Vitelli Square (today Matteotti Square) and open his «Libreria La Tifernate» (Tiferno Bookshop). However, during that period, the number of readers was so small that, to be able to survive selling only books, would have been utopia. by Cristina Crisci For this reason, the shop became a ‘bazaar’ where you could buy a little bit of everything: stationary, books, musical articles, sports articles, […]

12 Feb 2016
Cristina Crisci - the Mag


[quote]«I don’t want to know where you are going, I want to know that you will come back»[/quote] When it came out in October – after 5 years of silence during which she became a mother – the first album by Carmen Consoli «L’abitudine di tornare» (The habit of coming back) I thought: «How great is this title»! I don’t know about you, but many times I have felt in when confronted with the habit of coming back, even more […]

07 Jan 2016


It was 1958 when her father Silvio Nardi, entrepreneur in the mechanical agricultural sector in the Upper Tiber River Valley, produced the first bottle of “Brunello di Montalcino” from the winery of the Casale del Bosco. In 1985 Emilia Nardi began working in the company, the youngest daughter,  and she began working in management in 1990. She, together with her brothers decided to introduce radical changes in the wine production process and in the company management: she gave the go-ahead […]

15 Dec 2015

CHEF RUBIO – Food on the Road

Ten years ago the rugby player Gabriele Rubini moved to New Zealand to play for a team based in Wellington and there, to support himself, he began working in a restaurant developing a passion for cooking. Today, that boy who left from Rome is one of the most loved TV characters: Chef Rubio, undisputed king of «Unti e bisunti», the TV show that has converted many people among the food lovers, but also among those who, though they eat lightly, […]

14 Dec 2015
Cristina Crisci - the Mag

On the road

In difficult periods like this, in which the international climate eats away at the already little peaceful living, stoking hysteria upon hysteria, words upon words, dogmas upon dogmas and makes our feelings of fear slither along not even in a hidden way, there’s one thing that remains solid: the value of the time that we spend with those we love, doing the simplest things in the world. Speaking, eating, drinking a glass of wine, going to the theatre, listening to […]

21 Oct 2015

Irene Splendorini – «If I were born Kim…»

Irene Splendorini just finished her diploma at the Experimental Centre for Cinematography in Rome and is starting her first clapperboard. This autumn we will see her in a couple of fiction programs for Rai Uno and The Mag wanted to tell her story with photographs of her father, Aldo Splendorini. Two fiction TV programs, other projects she prefers not to discuss, she has been the sponsor of Tiferno Comics and the Echogreen Festival, she spends her time between Monte Santa Maria Tiberina […]

20 Oct 2015
Cristina Crisci - the Mag


I’ll say it now, I’m not a great one for sport. I love walking, sometimes running, but competitions make me anxious. Suffice it to say that when I was a child at the youth games my school was attending, I heard them call my name for the shot put and hid. I couldn’t even do the half-torso rotation necessary to launch it. I can, however, launch thoughts and words. This attitude to sporting failure has, nevertheless, created in me a […]

11 Aug 2015

Annalisa Calagreti – DREAMING OF THE 2020 OLYMPICS

Annalisa Calagreti is a member of the Italian National Junior Judo squad, was Italian junior champion in both 2012 and 2013, was third last year but won gold again this year climbing to the top podium at the European Cup in Portugal. She is rich in medals and national and international tournaments. Annalisa Calagreti , 16, a student at the Institute Cavallotti who lives with her mother in Città di Castello and trains in the Tiber valley Centro Judo Ginnastica […]

10 Aug 2015
Valentina Lodovini

Valentina Lodovini – «… That time when i fell in love with Daniel Day Lewis»

She has ten years of intense career behind her: she has worked for Sorrentino, Mazzacurati, Vicari, Risi, she won a David di Donatello, she’s done television, radio, lent her face for video clips, and she even went on stage at the theatre next to Marco Travaglio to speak about the mafia. Valentina Lodovini, actress, born and raised in Umbria and Tuscany, on a mid-July afternoon, returned to Città di Castello where, before the limelight shone on her, she studied acting.  […]

21 Jul 2015

Matteo Bartolini at Expo: «MORE YOUTH IN AGRICULTURE» – the Mag 16

Matteo Bartolini a farmer from Citta di Castello and the current president of CEJA (European Council of Young Farmers) is often at Expo 2015 in Milan. In his inaugural speech at the summit he spoke strongly “of the need for a generational change in agriculture.” CEJA includes national organizations of young farmers in the European Union: 31 to be precise, from 24 Member States. A body that represents the interests of about 2 million entrepreneurs in the European institutions. “As […]

12 Jun 2015
Cristina Crisci - the Mag

EXPO: YES, NO OR MAYBE? the Mag 16

This edition sees a round trip from Città di Castello to Milan to have a look around Expo 2015, the ‘event of the year’, and to try and see what’s really going on. What are the pros and cons of this world-wide event? Who’s for it, who’s involved, and who has deserted? It wasn’t easy and while we were trying to flush out any companies that might have relevance to Expo’s ‘Feed the planet. Energy for life’ theme, something interesting happened. […]

12 Jun 2015


It was 1997 when in “Quelli che benpensano” [Those who think well] he sang, “The last will be last if first is unreachable,” and now, 18 years later, these words still sum up the clear thinking of FRANKIE HI-NRG MC. His critical view of Expo 2015 has made the rounds of newspapers and television. Along with J-Ax and Fedez, he has set the talk shows alight and countered the rampant enthusiasm for the event. Expo Milano 2015- ‘Feeding the planet, […]

29 Apr 2015

A brooch for a wedding present – THE MAG 15

Vanna Volpi Picchi talks to us about the little known side of Burri; his love of hunting, his talent for sports and all the things he was passionate about. The brooch that Burri designed for the daughter of one of his best friends has, in the meantime, been around the world being shown in international exhibitions. Burri’s art and imagination had no boundaries. “For us he was part of the family. I’d known Burri ever since I was a child, […]

14 Apr 2015

Nima Benati – “The Wonderland collection”

Nima Benati, 23, is a photographer from Bologna who is quickly working her way up in the fashion world. She has many followers on all major social networks and has been hired by major brands  for their advertising campaigns, (including Patrizia Pepe, Cruciani, Vladimiro Gioia and Pin Up Stars ), as well as doing covers for magazines like Maxim and Playboy. We met her at the  G&P cosmetics headquarters in Sansepolcro, where she was fotographing the Wonderland collection by Sens.us […]

13 Apr 2015
Cristina Crisci - the Mag


There are 258 works by Alberto Burri exhibited in two museums in Città di Castello. He was the one who decided where and how they would be exhibited before he died, leaving his hometown its greatest legacy. He was born on 12th March 1915, went to war at a very young age, was a prisoner of war in Texas where he began to paint, and, as a result, leaving his career as a doctor. He had a house in Rome, […]

24 Feb 2015


Back from a fishing trip in Ecuador, duly documented in his next blog on ‘Foodloft’, Simone Rugiati is the social, TV version of a cook. With recipes for everyone, he stands at his oven with a humble and simple approach; qualities that have made him one of the most popular cooking personalities on TV. ‘The Mag’ recently met with him for an interview at “I Primi d’Italia” exhibition in Foligno. by Cristina Crisci You cook on TV and have a […]

23 Feb 2015


How did you feel on the day of the attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’? Vauro : «Like many others, feelings of pain and confusion that were made more profound by the empathy that unites satirical artists; I mean the empathy that comes from a particular way of conveying things, through imagination and art. A devastating pain». How do you think the events in Paris will influence, or have already influenced, the concepts of freedom of the press and free speech? Vauro […]

12 Feb 2015
Cristina Crisci - the Mag

BRIGHT SIDE – the Mag n14

With someone like Dario Argento on this issue’s cover, and in these days of myriad concerns, some big and others less so, I might have been tempted to write a lengthy discourse on Fear. But not this time. Instead we let Dario speak for himself about the origins of his fears and how they’ve influenced his art. Vauro considers the future of satire after the recent events in Paris, whilst two cartoonists have drawn their tributes to freedom of expression. […]

12 Feb 2015
Lucia Rossi - the Mag

Lucia Rossi – winter muse

It was a bitterly cold day when we met Lucia Rossi at Villa Magherini Graziani, with the idea of photographing her in one of the most beautiful places near where she was born. From Lama San Giustino where she grew up and where her family still lives, Lucia moved to Rome. She’s acted on TV, (where we’ve seen her in various productions including ‘Ris Roma’ as Bianca), doesn’t mind doing theatre and is becoming better known in the film world. […]

18 Dec 2014
Manuel Agnelli


“Sorry, we were in the rehearsal room focusing on a few things” –  and so began our telephone interview with Manuel Agnelli. The following Sunday he’d be off to Umbria for a panel discussion on the #Piùmusicalive campaign at a conference at the Immaginario Festival in Perugia. by Cristina Crisci – ph: Luca Carlino This campaign aims to promote music, in addition to art and culture in general. Manuel Agnelli, musician, writer and producer for over 25 years and frontman […]

11 Dec 2014
Cristina Crisci - the Mag

LET’S FLY -The Mag n13

It’s with marked enthusiasm that we publish this issue of ‘ the Mag ’. We’ve worked hard to put together a thread of characters and stories that allow us to end the year with a flourish. I swear I’m not exaggerating! The cover is a tribute to a woman who needs no introduction – Monica Bellucci. During her short stay in Città di Castello a few weeks ago, she was willing to answer our questions about her film with Kusturica, her daughters, […]