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27 Jun 2017

On the edge of ethics – Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli tells of his past «of when, we didn’t have a lira, but we were happy», and to the youth who are in search of work, he says: «Your CV? Better to bring it in person, ring the doorbell of the company and present yourself». By Cristina Crisci – photo of Brunello Cucinelli by Sante Castignani (on the top) & Atvreport (in the article) Brunello Cucinelli, with his lesson suspended between ethics, entrepreneur, philosophy of life and stock activity, […]

22 Jun 2017

A day with Elio Germano

Men, beast, city and things: a day with Elio Germano Text Michele Corgnoli – Photos by Elio Germano: Giovanni Santi – A special thanks to Andrea Merendelli and to the sta of the E etto K association Translator’s note: the quotes in bold are taken from Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdiand Céline, read by Elio Germano in the show the 13th of May at the Anghiari Theatre. First Part Short account of a lunch and of […]

28 Feb 2017


At the Illuminati Theatre in Città di Castello, in exclusive for Umbria, a historic interpretation by Giuliana De Sio in «Notturno di donna con ospiti», a cult text by Annibale Ruccello. On stage with De Sio, Gino Curcione, Rosaria De Cicco, Andrea De Venuti, Francesco di Leva, Luigi Iacuzio, for the direction of Enrico Maria Lamanna. By Massimo Zangarelli Mrs. De Sio, this job is becoming a classic, in particular «your» classic seeing that you brought it on stage twenty […]

15 Feb 2017

Of art and beauty – Editorial

Under the sign of Alberto Burri. It is because in his artist universe the prints represent a lesser known section, maybe less valued, but not for this are they less fascinating. It is because the entire collection (200 works) will be displayed in its entirety giving life to the third museum dedicated to Burri. It will also be because in this way Città di Castello will become the city with the largest artist’s museum in all the world: those who […]

10 Aug 2016


Hidden, reserved, on the top of a hill that faces the greenest and most brilliant part of the Upper Tiber River Valley. Here a marvelous villa of about 450 square metres appears, in the midst of a true and real earthly paradise of olive trees, roses and lavender. And to think that until about 2006, what is now a beautiful renovated country house was just a simple, abandoned ruins, as we can uncover still many in both Umbria and Tuscany. […]

22 Jun 2016


Since November of last year, Stefano e Roberta have decided to live in a lively urban area of the Upper Tiber River Valley. They have chosen a three-story townhouse, with a large basement room, living area and kitchen (plus a bathroom and other rooms) on the ground floor and the night area developed on the floor above. As soon as you enter you are surprised by the brightness of the room – thanks to a big window facing the garden […]

22 Jun 2016


One  starred in the most prosperous season of Italian volleyball, being part of that generation of, perhaps unrepeatable, phenomena and is now behind the desk as general manager. The other is a young talented ‘spiker’, (outside hitter), who is growing day after day in between training, matches and an Economics exam at university. But they are not opponents. Joining them is an unbreakable bond, both  in sport but most of all in life. Father and son, who this year won […]

22 Jun 2016


A woman of many resources. A woman at the helm of a great Tiber Valley firm specializing in fixtures and doors (Bianchini Infissi, to be precise). A woman who, however doesn’t get frightened in a sector that is traditionally male and therefore often (but not always) chauvinist as well. We present you Lorenza Bianchini: strong, determined, one who always has a desire to learn new things when she is between one project and another, but who has very little free […]

13 Apr 2016


Maybe not everyone knows “Io vivo in”, a Made in Italy brand that is represented by a small boar printed on shirts and many other gadgets…well, it is about one of the most clamorous entrepreneurial cases in recent years and it came out of the Tuscan  Tiber Valley; only in 2015, the brand sold 15,000 t-shirt and 10,000 stuffed boar toys. This success is the result of the intuition of Ottavia Pittini and her husband Nicola. We meet Ottavia in […]

13 Apr 2016


Imagine entering a virtually abandoned building, visualizing how it could be, discovering beautiful frescoes probably dating from the Renaissance, and then restoring it to create a comfortable, elegant and genuine home. In this issue of Our Home, a young creative couple did exactly that. It was no easy task it must be said, but they decided to restore an apartment in the historical centre, in which they saw its huge potential. Often, with intuition and good taste, you can get […]

23 Feb 2016

Fontecchio’s winter – Photography by Enrico Milanesi

Enrico Milanesi has recently published a photographic project online which was situated in and dedicated to Fontecchio Terme, an ancient thermal bath complex which has been active since Roman times (since the time of Plinio il Giovane), only a few kilometers away from Città di Castello. Thanks to the therapeutic properties of the sulfuric water, “Il Bagno di Fontecchio” encountered a remarkable growth – economical, touristic and naturalistic – during the second half of the 20th century, even if the […]

19 Feb 2016


In a quiet, green hilly area, not very far from the inhabited center, there lies the ‘villetta’, chosen for this issue of Our Home, that since last September has been lived in by a family of four. The home, with an independent entry, obviously, is on two levels: it is energy-efficient thanks to lights and led located in various places (take note of the spotlights and led strips), floor heating, the photovoltaic panels and solar panels. By Marco Polchi On the […]

16 Feb 2016


She doesn’t stay still for a minute, she works all day, she has a thousand ideas in her head and many projects to realize. In all of this, she hasn’t lost her calm, her desire to run and face the smallest to the most complicated daily challenges. She is Elena Veschi, entrepreneur at the helm of Umbraplast (up to last April she was also national board member of the Confindustria), one of the most dynamic economic realities in the Upper […]

21 Dec 2015

Heels and studs

They finish work, close up manuals and put away university handouts, climb into the car and from all over the Upper Tiber Valley come to meet up at the Marcucci Graziano sports centre, in Spedalicchio, Umbertide. In the locker room, they slip on kit, socks and football boots and train for a couple of hours. They are the ladies of the Wood Women Futsal CF5 team, coached by Alessandro Moretti, who regardless of the cold and rain defy the weather […]

11 Nov 2015


The 72nd edition of International Show of Cinematographic Art in Venice has recently ended. This year the jury was presided by the Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón – composed of Elizabeth Banks, Emmanuel Carrère, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Diane Kruger, Francesco Munzi, Pawel Pawlikowski and Lynne Ramsey – they wanted to honour parts of the Latin cinema and culture in a special way, disappointing the rumours about the favourites; among these the documentary about the Chinese miners “Behemoth” or “Francofonia” […]

23 Oct 2015


Just a few days away from the official publication and first presentation (the 26th of September at the Pinacoteca Comunale in Città di Castello) of the photo book Going slowly, we met its author, the Città di Castello-born Stefano Giogli. We talked with him for a half an hour, very stimulating, active and ready to tell about himself. During the conversation many topics came up which were tied to photography and the book obviously (this work was also chosen for […]

21 Oct 2015


Save this date: 22th October 2015. This day is one of the important ones, to remember, for those of us who are passionate about TV series and technology. Whether you read this article before or after, on the 22th of October, Netflix is coming to Italy, the most widespread online TV in the world, with 60 million subscribers in 52 countries, which allows you to see millions of television shows, original TV series, documentaries and films from your own PC, […]

28 Aug 2015

Cinema refound – THE MAG 17

Classic films back on the big screen by Luca Benni & Matteo Cesarini Thanks to recent restoration work, classic films (in celluloid as well as renovated digital format), black and white ones, documentaries, silent movies with accompanying live music, and ‘talkies’ from an entire era, have returned to the big screen. Sponsored by the Cineteca* di Bologna, they were all on view at the 29th Festival del Cinema Ritrovato, which ended on 4th July; a veritable journey through the wonders […]

30 Jul 2015


MERINGUE WITH VANILLA CREAM, RASPBERRY SAUCE, STRAWBERRIES AND FRESH BERRIES by Chef Daniele Sebastiani Ingredients For the meringue: 85g egg white 175g sugar For the cream: 250g cream 20g caster sugar Seeds of 1 vanilla pod For the raspberry sauce: 150g fresh raspberries 25g sugar 20g of water Strawberries and other berries to taste To make the meringues: Beat the egg whites and sugar until it reaches the stiff peak stage. Preheat oven to 140 degrees. On a baking tray […]

16 Jul 2015


The talk about Milan and Expo, be it good or bad, will not end any time soon. In this piece I will try to highlight what is “musically” consistent with the themes in Expo 2015; Estathè Market Sound (EMS). The six month festival at the Mercati General di Milano has been organised in order to merge the love of music, food culture and the desire for fun.  From 1st May 1 31st October  at EMS there will be a high […]

02 Jul 2015

Alessia Ferri: A DANCER AT EXPO!

The Umbrian Alessia Ferri, 22, lives in Milan where she will be graduating at DanceHaus, the Susanna Beltrami Academy of Dance. Thanks to the Academy she was able to take part in the opening ceremony. Between auditions she performs for television programs, commercials and festivals. In her free time she loves to walk around “her” Milan. by Lucia Fiorucci  Alessia, you took part in the opening ceremony of Expo 2015. What was your role? «My role in the opening ceremony […]

19 Jun 2015

Our Home – Country Loft

The novelty of this house can be seen from the outside. Set in the middle of a wooded hillside, the stairs leading up to the entrance are rooved with long wooden strips, useful both in summer and winter to absorb the strongest rays of the sun or protect from the most inclement weather.  On the top floor we find ourselves in a residential complex over three levels, in classic 80’s style. The apartment, built by demolishing an old attic and […]

18 Jun 2015

Alessandro Gavarini – A PASSION FOR CANOEING

Over the last ten years, the 20 year old Alessandro Gavarini has spent his life on the water, canoe practicing and racing. Born in Correggio, in Emilia, he discovered the sport in Città di Castello where he was brought up winning many titles. Even after an injury and his university obligations he has no intentions on giving up. by Marco Polchi / ph: Giorgia Fanelli How did you discover your love for canoeing? «I started about 10 years ago when […]

25 Mar 2015

Movies of 2015

by Luca Benni & Matteo Cesarini (Cinema Metropolis Umbertide) It all starts on 12th February, with one of the year’s most anticipated, (especially by the ladies!), films, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The film is an adaptation of the 2011 novel written by EL James, also the film’s producer, which became a best-selling, global phenomenon. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson play the lead roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. 2015 will also be a year for the return of some […]

19 Mar 2015

Fiction & Series Tv: Golden Women!

The Golden Globe awards ceremony was held on 11th January at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. In the TV series category, ‘Transparent’, (produced and distributed by Amazon), won Best Musical or Comedy Series, whilst Best Drama Series went to ‘The Affair’. Kevin Spacey won the Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role in ‘House of Cards’ , and ‘Fargo’ was chosen as the Best mini-series or TV film. Two who warrant a special mention include Ruth Wilson and […]

17 Mar 2015

WE USED TO WAIT – L.M.Banksy music – the Mag 14

2015 may have just begun, but already the musical notes that will make up this year’s soundtrack are being heard. Prepare yourselves for a mix of past and present that will appeal to many. On the one hand, some of the all-time great albums’ anniversaries are going to be celebrated with special reissues. It’s a chance for fans to rediscover their favourite golden oldies in a different format or with more high tech sound quality. It’s happy 20th birthday to […]

19 Feb 2015

Real de Banjul – Chasing a Dream

There’s a very special football team in the Altotevere and it’s called Real de Banjul. The players chose the name based on the fact that the majority come from Banjul, the capital of Gambia; and a nod to a fascination with Real Madrid. by Marco Polchi / ph: Giorgia Fanelli Who are they? Here’s where it becomes unique. Real de Banjul is the first Tiber Valley inter-cultural team, (aka. AfroValtiberina). It’s made up of young men aged between 18 and 24 […]

18 Dec 2014
Tommaso Sacchi

Tommaso Sacchi – More Live Music

We’ve already briefly mentioned the #Piùmusicalive Campaign in this issue in an interview with Manuel Agnelli. However, we wanted to look into this in more depth and so we contacted Tommaso Sacchi, now head of the Culture for the City of Florence and the project coordinator for facilitating and encouraging the production of live music, and who shared the Immaginario Festival stage in Perugia with Agnelli on Sunday 9th November. by Marco Polchi Tommaso, let’s talk about #Piùmusicalive – what […]

17 Dec 2014

Fargo’s Coming!

Take a breath. ‘True Detective’ and ‘House of Cards’ is over – for now – Rust Cohle and Frank Underwood have been and gone and ‘serially’, (yes, tv series are changing language),  we all feel a bit more alone. But never fear, winter is coming and here’s Fargo, from December on Sky Atlantic. Oh, Fargo. Put on a good jacket, thick jumper and woolly hat because we’re going straight to Minnesota – between the cities of Bemidji and Duluth – […]

16 Oct 2014

Finally back on our screens – ‘True Detective’ (and many more)

From True Detective to Believe, a schedule of the most interesting TV series that will come on our channels but also in the USA, in these two months. Autumn won’t be all fog and rain this year. On the contrary, for television series fans, October and November will mean a whole lot of goodies. There’ll be more shows  than ever, full of stories, talent and viewer catalysts.  Witness the growing number of well-known film directors who choose the serial format,  seeing […]