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sorriso di Amanda Sandrelli


A great success for Amanda Sandrelli at the Dante Theatre in Sansepolcro with the show “I live in a Jungle, I sleep on thorns”, text and directing by Laura Sicignano, written in collaboration with Shahzeb Iqbal based on real stories of young immigrants in Italy. by Massimo Zangarelli The actress was also at the center of a meeting with the public, coordinated by Caterina Casini, artistic director of Permanent Workshops within the project realized with the Tuscan Show Foundation, herald […]

Ornella Vanoni: «I, a woman who broke the mold»

«Hugo Pratt? He is the most fascinating man I have ever met, a great story teller, full of imagination and tales, a little like Borges». Ornella Vanoni speaks of her Pratt secret, on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to the designer which has recently closed in Città di Castello, where displayed – among other works – were some designs from his private collection. Ornella Vanoni, you maintained an intense intellectual and sympathetic relationship with Pratt: what is your personal […]

Maria Latella – “For women, a partner who accepts your success is vital”

Maria Latella as author of the biography‘Tendenza Veronica’, she uncovered the strong personality of the former Mrs. Berlusconi, helping to portray her as an invincible icon capable of defeating the “Dragon”. by Massimo Zangarelli She also headed the women’s magazine ‘A’, bypassing the male vision of the news by refusing to publish any gossip on, the then,  infamous Belen. Maria Latella was the exce-ptional  presenter of the summer meeting  “La ricchezza intangibile dell’olio”, organised by olive oil producers Olei- ficio […]


Amanda Sandrelli: men can’t accept that women are worth more

«Tale Madre Tale figlia» (like mother like daughter) was a success during the theatre season at the Teatro Dante in Sansepolcro; and for this reason we interviewed the star Amanda Sandrelli. Is the script bit of an ‘investigation into the world of women from woman’s perspective? «It definitely is about women written by a woman (Laura Forti, ed) with whom I have already done another show about motherhood; I was interested in the mother-daughter relationship because it is there that […]


Oil artiste – Dante Sambuchi

Sometimes beauty is about rediscovering your roots – something that Dante Sambuchi has managed to achieve. He has woven his existential love of art with that of nature: as the painter who trained at the Brera Academy, and after years on the important cultural scene of Milan emerged as a leading, award winning figure, but came back to the beautiful hills of the Tiber Valley and discovered, in this unique landscape on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, essential values […]

Angela Finocchiaro – A CUTTING IRONY

After last season’s success, Angela Finocchiaro is back in Umbria. She plays the lead in ‘Open Day’, (with Bruno Sori, directed by Roger Dear), on stage at Politeama Clarici Foligno and the Teatro degli Illuminati in Città di Castello. The story is about the torment of a mother and a father in their fifties who have been separated for some time and who, crushed by life, find themselves having to deal with a teenage daughter. It’s ironic, edgy and emotional. […]

Marco Risi

Marco Risi “I want to be like Billy Wilder”

Accomplished director Marco Risi directs Valentina Lodovini and Lucia Rossi, two actresses from the Altotiberina, in the film “Tre Tocchi” – released last November. They come together to tell the story of a group of, more or less young actors and their daily struggles for a breakthrough, who pass the time playing football. The film was presented at the Rome Film Festival. The film was well received wasn’t it? Marco Risi: «Yes it was, even though it’s an independent film […]

Alessio Boni – “Piero Ciampi is a Rachmaninov that goes straight to the heart”

Opening the ‘Teatro degli Illuminati’* Literature season with his new show ‘Amore scalzo’, (Love Barefoot),  popular actor Alessio Boni, along with Marcello Prayer, paid tribute to the poetic testimony of Piero Ciampi; a great artist who died in 1980 and who was considered by many to be the father of singer-songwriters. by Massimo Zangarelli Where did you get this idea for a  tribute to Piero Ciampi? «Along with Marcello Prayer, I’m dedicated to characters we consider to have been mistreated […]

“Quando c’era Berlinguer” a film by Walter Veltroni

With just one click you can save something in a computer’s memory.  It’s not nearly as simple to safeguard the collective memory of a country with an inalienable heritage, enabling a future worthy of its name and avoiding living passively in the present.  This was the thrust of the appeal launched in mid-September, by the honorable Walter Veltroni, and the Director of channel TG3 Bianca Berlinguer at the preview the of the ‘docufilm’ ‘Quando c’era Berlinguer’ at the Eden cinema. […]

Marco Bistarelli

chef Marco Bistarelli – CLIENTS ARE THE REAL STARS

Marco Bistarelli fifteen years ago he won a Michelin star, he has  climbed to the top of the prestigious association ‘Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe’,  and his restaurant  ‘Il Postale’ in Città di Castello was hugely popular. Then came the decision to transfer his business to the Castello di Monterone in Perugia. The Mag chatted with him about nouvelle cuisine, traditions, talent shows and food quality, and it can’t be said that Marco Bistarelli doesn’t know what he is talking about. A […]