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by Cristina Crisci

Defining beauty is a difficult task; maybe an unobtainable goal and one that can result in errors of judgement.

So let’s just say that in this issue we try to talk about beauty without claiming to please everyone, but to highlight the experiences of some of those around us with a small journey, so to speak.

First stop on our trip; fashion. Arianna Chieli, journalist and blogger. An appointment on the internet via email and messaging, we transfer to Skype which gets lost along the way – to the benefit of an antiquated phone! But, it’s always pleasant chatting amongst women.

We also chat to another blogger, Refiela Shoraj, a 23 year old from Florence, and for whom fashion is an expression of personal freedom more than anything else. Second stop; the cinema. Giovanna Vignola, aka Dadina of the film ‘The Great Beauty’, opened the doors of her house for an interview, while Joseph Roveto, Hollywood costume designer, reveals the naked side of beauty. Third stop; art.

We met someone with great understanding; Vittorio Sgarbi chased by Massimo Zangarelli – notebook in hand. Then we have a bit of a novelty, but still beautiful; in this issue we host the first in a, hopefully, long list of illustrators and cartoonists who create a ‘fantasy’ inspired by our stories.

Alessandro Bacchetta opens our fourth stop, sport, with the endless talent of Claudio Nardi; back playing serious volleyball at the age of 49. Fifth stop; music. An interview with Leonardo ‘Fresco’ Beccafichi, a joint interview with two groups who participated in Sanremo Doc, and – one to note – a tribute to Johnny Cash‘s posthumous disc ‘Out Among The Stars’, which perhaps most of all, tells us that some beautiful things never cease to delight. Happy reading.

 (For the new pictures – I wanted to be serious with arms crossed – I have to say thanks to my friend Lori of “Aesthetics Lorenza “ and the photographer Emanuele Vanni ).

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