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With the release of her ninth album ‘Vulnicura’ in March, I took the opportunity to dedicate this article to Bjork.

Her unique style and expressive voice have made her famous throughout the music scene. An eternal girl who turns 50 this year, she has had a long successful, albeit somewhat eccentric, career.


The autobiographical album is focused purely on the end of her relationship. “Vulnus” meaning wound and “cura” cure, follows the path of a breakup; beginning with the pain of separation and the wound, which then begins to heal and is eventually cured. Very honestly she has said “It was the most painful experience of my life, the only way I could relieve the pain was with music. In many ways it was miraculous, because music showed me a way out.”

The album in itself is, as always, very experimental, courageous and hard to describe due to the lack of any ordinary melodic holds. It’s like a cross between the avant-garde and the Middle Ages, where spatial phases alternate with arches sometimes similar to that of a musical with electronic textures.


For fans of the artist it’s a must, but what will be even more fascinating and exciting will be hearing her perform the album live on tour. She will be in Italy at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome on 29th July. For those fortunate enough to be in New York there’s an exhibition dedicated to Bjork celebrating her 20-year career- at the MoMA until June. The exhibition includes all aspects of her art: her music, clothes, videos, films, and visual installations and there is also a narrative highlighting the milestones of her extraordinary art.

The little Icelandic volcano is back!

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