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Riccardo and Luciana chose a late ‘70s apartment for their first home as a married couple. With Architect Eleonora Ricci from Città di Castello, they demolished the abundant interior partitions, sanded and treated the original parquet flooring, and renovated the apartment according to contemporary trends in design, and their needs and tastes as a young couple.

The living area has become a large and functional open space, where the colour blue acts as a unifier. The kitchen has large counters and spacious cupboards. There’s also a hint of home automation with the second oven: its amazing technology allows you to cook four dishes simultaneously, and can be managed via smartphone… and it’s no coincidence that Luciana is a huge cooking fan!

The graphic effect of the wall behind the oven is achieved with kerlite, an innovative, technological and high-performance material. The glass hood is also a nice touch.  The lighting, much thought about, is also a star feature. The clean, minimalist essence of the kitchen is emphasized by the E27 lamps by MUUTO,  which are becoming a real ‘must-have’, as are the special KRISTALIA stools.

Even the DÉSIRÉE sofa is clean, comfortable and minimal with a moving headboard.  In the bedroom we find more blue, emphasized by the particular effect of the wall behind the bed. Both the bed and the wardrobe have an LED touch system, and clean lines.

Contrary to what we might imagine though, the bathroom is pink, with a large glass shower and mosaic walls.


The taste for contemporary design is accompanied by the use of the colour blue throughout most of the apartment. The entrance ceiling is painted blue, and along with the LED lights, give us a pleasant sense of anticipation and curiosity. In the living area the same blue is used for a few of the panels in the kitchen, curtain details and some of the furnishings. And finally, in the bedroom, blue is the undisputed star.

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