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I was a little girl when I saw Burri for the first time. I can still clearly recall when he arrived at the Castello di Sorci in his four-by-four.


Alberto Burri with his friend Primetto Barelli. Photo by Mario Dondero


He was wearing a jacket with lots of pockets and was smiling and kind. The Castle’s massive kitchens still preserve the memory of the many dinners with my father and other friends.

On the walls there are photos of Burri taken by my father at lots of different events. There’s one that I remember with particular affection; the Maestro is drawing whilst surrounded by curious children. There was great excitement when Burri showed his finished work, only a child can feel the magic of such an exceptional moment; an artist revealing his creation –  which was the logo for the restaurant.

My father was so excited. It was as if that small colourful piece sealed the deep understanding between the two creative friends. I think that this small masterpiece is the testimony of a great friendship between Burri and Primetto Barelli.

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