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Casting the Castle - 2018
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Last Saturday, June 30th, the Civitella Ranieri Foundation opened their regal space to the public, rich with history and, for this occasion, enhanced with activities directed towards giving back an unedited image.

The 11th century castle was in fact, the location for Casting the Castle, a project that was conceived and developed by Saverio Verini, born out of the desire to sensitise the view and perception of the public about this small heritage of works, offering at the same time a visit to the inside of the place which inspired it and allowed it to be produced.

byMaria Vittoria Malatesta Pierleoni
photo Marco Giugliarelli for Civitella Ranieri


The idea of Casting the Castle marks a milestone worth noting in view of the important goal of the 25 years of its’ activity, born in 1995 at the incentive of its founder, Ursula Corning: hosting artists in the field of visual art, music and writing who meet for a 40 days’ sojourn.

The peculiarity of the program which in the years she has hosted, even at the same time, some of the most influential artists of our time, to whom studios are made available and ideal conditions are given to conduct their research, is the absence of any obligation to produce.

Despite this, many of these invited artists have chosen to make and donate works of every kind to the Foundation, going slowly to make an exciting, prestigious and manifold collection which is born of the idea of reciprical and spontaneous exchange between the institution and its fellows.


So here, scattered with care among the gardens and the rooms of the castle, there are, among others, works by Guilherme Neumann, Carl D’Alvia, Ernesto Ballesteros, Mark Dion, Taus Makhacheva, William Kentridge and Dan Perjovschi.

The project is structured in two parts:

the exhibition itinerary and the curious performance by Roberto Fassone from the title One of these stories is true.

The artist, who stayed at Civitella Ranieri, literally opened the doors of the castle, undertaking a guided performance and imaginitive visit, unraveled in a five hundred years long tale which retraces the history of the place fluctuating continuously between truth and fiction, reality and magic, with the possibility that even the works of the exhibition can be part of this narration, umpteenth testimony of the vitality of the Foundation and its uniqueness in the sphere of hospitality for artists.

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