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18 Dec 2012
Enzo Neri - the Mag

Chef Enzo Neri

Chef Enzo Neri is an artist with a real success story. He has all the qualities required for getting ahead in any career: he is bright and determined; responsible and likeable; and most importantly he pursues his interests and passions. But it has not always been easy travelling the road of success. I interviewed this international, award winning chef at the Caffè San Francesco in Città di Castello while he was here visiting family on his way from New York […]

12 Oct 2012

I’m happy now!

It only takes six weeks and one foreign language for the average expat to figure out that life overseas is not for the faint of heart.   I’m sure my grandparents felt the same way at a very young age, when they left Italy for America. Our comfortable support system of friends and family becomes voices on the phone or words in an email.  Creating a new, local support system takes a lot of time and emotional energy.   There is a certain […]

10 Oct 2012

Grease is the Word! by Bernice Farrell

Anne-Marie can be very persuasive. ‘Just come and see what we’ve done so far’ she cajoled. And that’s why, rather reluctantly, I drove one March morning to La Scuola Media in Cortona to meet Patrizia, who teaches English there. She’d had an idea how to make her class of 13 year olds more confident about speaking English. They would do a play, in English, and put it on for their parents.  They had decided to do ‘Grease’, a full-blown American musical! They’d […]

10 Oct 2012
Anna Cuzzolin

Anna Cuzzolin – My Florence

Anna Cuzzolin is a young photographer from Città di Castello trying to make it in this field. She studied in Florence and now is back in her hometown to practice what she learned in the city and to make art. We at the Mag are publishing some pictures she took of “her Florence” and she agreed to talk with us about her passion and her work. The Mag: The title of your photo essay could be “A wet Florence”.  How […]

10 Oct 2012

Our Home – Gianni and Angelina

This young, energetic couple have restructured their antique farm house into a spectacle of modernity! We love the contradiction of the exterior appearance and the interior functionality. Their variety of art: paintings from local painters; famous ones too; photgraphs;  sculpture. Instead of exclusively embracing the local flavor, their interior design could be mistaken for a New York City aparment on Central Park West.  There is a taste of many different cultures instead of a concentration of Italian themes. We hope […]

01 Oct 2012

The “Window Display City” is at it again!

An Incredible thing happened to me after my kids asked if the “economic crisis” had taken our money away. I decided to get involved with our local community. I wanted to remedy the worry that had been planted in their young minds by doing something positive. I organized sixty six shop keepers to have a window display contest, and invited all of you readers to go shopping. But the incredible thing that happened to me was how I came out […]