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10 Mar 2016


In just a short time the God of rock took away years of history depriving us of certain legends, artists among the most influential and important, but now, thanks to their musical works, they have become legends never to be erased. Faced with these grave losses there is nothing left to do but to hold more dear those who are still with us, to give a welcome to Her, who, four years after «Let England Shake», will come back this […]

06 Nov 2015


That Jack White is a very special bloke and has a thousand interests is well known. He’s the singer-guitarist of the White Stripes, member of Raconteurs and The Dead Weather (supergroups made up of friends from Kills, The Greenhornes and Queens Of The Stone Age), works with some of the most famous contemporary musicians as well as pursuing a solo career, loves his incursions into film with both appearances and music scores, feeds his obsession with the number 3, is […]

05 Nov 2015


MEZZE MANICHE WITH RIVER SHRIMP, CHERRY TOMATOES AND BASIL OVER PUMPKIN PUREE By Michele Marinelli and Natascia Trenti from Le Logge Restaurant Ingredients for 4 People: 400 g of Mezze maniche For the sauce in the pan: 200 g Deveined River Shrimp 20 Cherry Tomatoes 20 Basil leaves 1 cleaned garlic clove, cut in half 1 teaspoon of EVOO Pumpkin Puree: 300 g cleaned pumpkin pulp 1 small potato 1 scallion, EVOO Procedure: For the pumpkin puree begin by cleaning […]

07 Sep 2015


Surely summer is the time that smiles most on music lovers. The number and the quality of the events, the open-air concert spaces, the longer days and the possibility of organizing your time better are opportunities so rich for a good rock n’roller not to take advantage. But in these multi-coloured hot summer days not everyone knows that there is an Italian pearl that is envied by Europe and maybe even in other continents, a real and true oasis of […]

30 Jul 2015


MERINGUE WITH VANILLA CREAM, RASPBERRY SAUCE, STRAWBERRIES AND FRESH BERRIES by Chef Daniele Sebastiani Ingredients For the meringue: 85g egg white 175g sugar For the cream: 250g cream 20g caster sugar Seeds of 1 vanilla pod For the raspberry sauce: 150g fresh raspberries 25g sugar 20g of water Strawberries and other berries to taste To make the meringues: Beat the egg whites and sugar until it reaches the stiff peak stage. Preheat oven to 140 degrees. On a baking tray […]

16 Jul 2015


The talk about Milan and Expo, be it good or bad, will not end any time soon. In this piece I will try to highlight what is “musically” consistent with the themes in Expo 2015; Estathè Market Sound (EMS). The six month festival at the Mercati General di Milano has been organised in order to merge the love of music, food culture and the desire for fun.  From 1st May 1 31st October  at EMS there will be a high […]

11 May 2015


Let’s take advantage of what the countryside offers us this season by creating a simple dish combining the rich flavour of artichokes with rice and a good local pecorino cheese. Ingredients 150gr Carnaroli rice 3 artichokes, blanched 40g pecorino shavings 1 shallot, finely chopped 1 knob of butter Vegetable stock Oil and salt, to taste Grated parmesan Wine Method: In a large frying pan cook the onion in the oil until softened. Add the rice and cook until it looks […]

24 Apr 2015


With the release of her ninth album ‘Vulnicura’ in March, I took the opportunity to dedicate this article to Bjork. Her unique style and expressive voice have made her famous throughout the music scene. An eternal girl who turns 50 this year, she has had a long successful, albeit somewhat eccentric, career. The autobiographical album is focused purely on the end of her relationship. “Vulnus” meaning wound and “cura” cure, follows the path of a breakup; beginning with the pain […]

17 Mar 2015

WE USED TO WAIT – L.M.Banksy music – the Mag 14

2015 may have just begun, but already the musical notes that will make up this year’s soundtrack are being heard. Prepare yourselves for a mix of past and present that will appeal to many. On the one hand, some of the all-time great albums’ anniversaries are going to be celebrated with special reissues. It’s a chance for fans to rediscover their favourite golden oldies in a different format or with more high tech sound quality. It’s happy 20th birthday to […]

27 Feb 2015

Truffle Tagliatelle – chef Enzo Neri

The chef Enzo Neri proposes tagliatelle with truffles. A simple recipe of the tradition of the Upper Tiber Valley In a pot cook the fresh tagliatelle in salted boiling water. Approximately 1 minute before the pasta is ‘al dente’, remove the pasta from the pot and drain, saving some pasta water.  Melt the butter in a saucepan and shave some truffle in it. Season with salt. Add the stock to make an emulsion. Add the drained pasta along with a little vegetable stock (or pasta […]

15 Jan 2015

Exit music for a film – L.M.Banksy – the Mag 13

With the divine Monica Bellucci on this the Mag edition’s cover, my focus has necessarily been on the deep connection between film and music. It’s an almost inseparable combination in many films and has reached its climax and became a true cinematic genre when the fascination with rock stars and the histories of music stars in general, has struck the imagination of writers, directors and producers. Taking advantage of the new release of films depicting the life of beloved musicians […]

14 Jan 2015

The Recipe by Chef Daniele Sebastiani – the Mag 13

TEMPURA OF CHARD WITH ROASTED TOMATOES, BUFFALO MOZZARELLA AND BASIL SAUCE The recipe by Chef Daniele Sebastiani in the Mag 13   INGREDIENTS: (Serves 4) 8 large chard leaves 4 mozzarella Di Bufala 4 ripe San Marzano tomatoes 160g extra virgin olive oil 50g basil 20g pine nuts 100g rice flour 100g corn flour (starch) 15g baking powder 1 small clove of garlic, finely chopped 15g brown sugar 2 sprigs marjoram 200g cold water Salt and pepper to taste   […]

16 Dec 2014
Sarah Mancini - sarah make up

Pin Up!

This time I’m suggesting a ‘putting on your face’ tutorial! I’ve decided to try and surprise you with a make-over that highlights the ‘sparkle’ of my personality and is an invitation to my admirers to exercise their imaginations and get ‘the look’. So here’s to you,’Sarah Mancini Make Up … Pin Up!’. Get ready and follow me! The first three things you need to do are: – Apply primer to the face and around the eyes. Don’t forget the lip […]

24 Oct 2014


On 21st September Leonard Cohen had his 80th birthday and in a wonderfully self-ironic move, celebrated the fact two days later with the release of a new album, “Popular Problems.” [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLmVG4oUmSM[/youtube] The Canadian poet, writer and composer is undoubtedly one of music history’s most celebrated, influential and respected songwriters. The legend of this extraordinary man has never ceased to shine in the course of his career, until getting to the great beauty of his old age. The way he looks directly […]

22 Oct 2014


Chef Enea Barbanera plays with tradition! In this case,  “snails in porchetta” with fish. I chose mackerel for its oily meat and strong taste. This has resulted in a dish with strong flavours which goes well with a wine with a complex bouquet – Vintage Tunina. Ingredients: 100 g  land snails, previously boiled and shelled 100 g  salted pork Chopped fennel 1 shallot 3 fillets mackerel , boned 100 g  fresh fava beans 1 tablespoon anchovy oil Oil and salt […]

14 Oct 2014

CONTOURING “Natural Chic”

DO YOU KNOW WHAT CONTOURING MEANS? Contouring is a make-up technique by which any lack of facial harmony is altered using a play of light and shadow; to create volume where there is none, to flatten where necessary, to raise or lower the cheekbones, reduce or enlarge the eyes… in short, it’s a kind of real Photoshop! The term contouring indicates darkening and shading, while the term highlighting indicates the clear zone, the light areas. It’s a technique borrowed from […]

12 Sep 2014


Chef Daniele Sebastiani’s recipe in the Mag number 11   (Serves 4) Ingredient 16 shrimps, 2 spring onions (medium size), 600g ripe San Marzano tomatoes, 140g stale bread, 250g extra-virgin olive oil, 50g basil, 20g pine nuts, saffron, salt and pepper to taste     Method: To prepare the tomato sauce, start by cleaning the spring onions and cutting them finely , keeping the green parts to one side. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into large pieces. Saute the […]

02 Sep 2014
Sarah Mancini - sarah make up

Psychological Makeup – Sarah Mancini

How I see myself and how I truly am. I’d like to tell you about a new innovation in  the makeup world – ‘ psychological makeup‘. It’s a method  I’ve devised in order to make your makeup more refined, more unique, and the process is  divided into 3 steps: DISCUSSION WITH THE CUSTOMER.  First we look at the differences between your ‘perceived self’ and the ‘real self’. We are often blind to our own beauty as a result of comparing […]

01 Jul 2014

What is the ‘right to be forgotten’? – The Lawyer’s corner

‘The right to be forgotten’ is a peculiar form of the right to privacy. It protects people’s interests, in that, repeated publication of a news item that in the past was lawfully published, can no longer continue. This will ensure the confidentiality that normally arises from the passage of time when the diminished relevance of the news is no longer in the public interest. The Court of Justice of the European Union, in a judgment on 13th May 2014, reiterated […]

09 May 2014

The Return of Johnny Cash – L.M.Banksy

The Man in Black is back. February 26th saw the anniversary of the birth of Johnny Cash in 1932 in a cramped house in Kingsland, Arkansas. On February 24th we celebrated the anniversary of what may be considered one of the best live performances in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. It was the year 1969 in the maximum security prison of San Quentin, where a man dressed in black with his guitar inflamed an audience of inmates and guards, […]

14 Mar 2014

The best of… is yet to come

The best of… is yet to come The New Year is a great time to look at both the best of last year’s music and what’s yet to come. In 2013 there were comebacks from Bowie, Pearl Jam and Arcade Fire, the best of which was Nick Cave and his band Bad Seeds.  Their album ‘Push the sky away’ was one to magically seduce, frustrate and caress us. The quality of the studio work retained the sense of going to […]

12 Mar 2014

To share or not to share…? (Posting photos on-line) – the Lawyer’s corner

To share or not to share…? (Posting photos on-line) These days, taking photos with mobile phones and digital cameras and putting them on the internet is very common practice. Every day we see images on social networks of people doing all sorts of things, and in all kinds of situations, and yet, rarely have the subjects given their permission for us to do so. In some cases this could be illegal, and may violate copyright laws. In fact, the general […]

07 Mar 2014

The Chef’s Recipe – Patrizio Cesarini | the Mag N8

A traditional Umbrian dish by Chef Patrizio Cesarini Sweet and sour salt cod INGREDIENTS 500g Desalted salt cod (baccalà) 2 medium onions Corinto sultanas (soaked) 2lt Baccalà broth 500g Cauliflower 3tbsp Vinegar METHOD Make a stock with the skin of the salt cod Soften the onions in a pan, and then add the remaining ingredients and cover with the broth and vinegar. Before serving add salt and pepper to taste Voilà! Post simili Our Home – A warm nest, like […]

27 Feb 2014

Chef Enzo Neri’s Recipe – the Mag N8

Chef Enzo Neri‘s Recipe – the Mag N8 Swordfish carpaccio, orange zests, fennel, pine-nuts and citrus dressing Ingredient: 80 g swordfish loin 1/2 Orange 2 g pine-nuts 1/2 fennel 1 Lemon Tomato concasse Mixed leaves Oil, Salt and pepper Method: Peel an orange. Use half of it. Cut the ends off a seedless orange just far enough to expose the flesh. Place orange cut end down and cut away the peel. Cut away as little of the peel as possible by […]

10 Jan 2014

The lawyer’s corner – Money Back Guarantee

by Michele Cancellieri Christmas is knocking at the door and to honour the tradition of swapping “gifts” and beat the grip of the economic crisis, it may be convenient to browse the internet and take advantage of the offers available in many online shops. It is worth remembering that when you buy a product online, Article. 64 of the “Italian Consumer Code” (D.Lgs. n. 206 of 2005) allows the “consumer”, except entrepreneurs, to exercise the right to terminate or to […]

09 Jan 2014

The Chef’s Recipe – Patrizio Cesarini

Beef Roulade with stewed black leaf kale, pecorino, sesame seeds, honey and a red wine reduction. This dish came to mind this morning, it is normal for cooks to invent or make up two or three dishes a day. Actually I was meant to have made a chestnut compo. The meat is exclusively Chianina beef out of respect for the area and the fact that it comes from nearby. I included the kale because it is an autumn vegetable, I […]

20 Dec 2013


  One of the universes where the passage of time creates an imbalance in the cosmic void is definitely the musical one. Right now in this respect this has hit hard. No, I am not just referring to the passing of one of the greatest, tormented rock star, poets, Lou Reed, for whom there is not an encyclopaedia big enough to pay worthy homage to. The memory of the greatest artists is perhaps the best way to deliver him into […]

05 Dec 2013
Giorgio Borghetti portrait

Giorgio Borghetti – Città di Castello, my shelter

Giorgio Borghetti – Città di Castello, my shelter  by Lorenza Mangioni In 1982, Universal Pictures released E.T. the Extra – Terrestrial , directed by Steven Spielberg. The film destined to become a real cult, centered on the friendship a little alien establishes with Elliot, a 9 year-old child. The bond becomes strong beyond the barriers of language, origin and the typical innocent trust that is to be found in childhood. In Italy we have known the story through Giorgio Borghetti who […]

22 Oct 2013


On the 9/9 at 9 o’clock, Arcade Fire’s new single was released together with a video directed by Anton Corbijn.  It was preceded by an intriguing viral campaign full of clever mysterious touches, clues, ambiguity, and teasers with cryptic alpha-numeric combinations, lasting just a few seconds. Street art and graffiti, a diamond with the word ‘reflektor’ embedded within a circle, suddenly started appearing all over the place, and reflected  on the internet and on social networks. These will multiply until […]

09 Sep 2013

Original artists and Songwriters needed

Original artists and Songwriters needed by Patrick Q Piano bar, cover and tribute bands are all very well but what about originality? Doing carbon copies of other people’s songs provides valid light entertainment in the right context but what about self expression? The creation of music relevant and personalised to the community in which it was inspired is a natural and important part to any thriving society. Thankfully, from my experience of local artists the spirit of invention is still […]