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05 Nov 2015


MEZZE MANICHE WITH RIVER SHRIMP, CHERRY TOMATOES AND BASIL OVER PUMPKIN PUREE By Michele Marinelli and Natascia Trenti from Le Logge Restaurant Ingredients for 4 People: 400 g of Mezze maniche For the sauce in the pan: 200 g Deveined River Shrimp 20 Cherry Tomatoes 20 Basil leaves 1 cleaned garlic clove, cut in half 1 teaspoon of EVOO Pumpkin Puree: 300 g cleaned pumpkin pulp 1 small potato 1 scallion, EVOO Procedure: For the pumpkin puree begin by cleaning […]

30 Jul 2015


MERINGUE WITH VANILLA CREAM, RASPBERRY SAUCE, STRAWBERRIES AND FRESH BERRIES by Chef Daniele Sebastiani Ingredients For the meringue: 85g egg white 175g sugar For the cream: 250g cream 20g caster sugar Seeds of 1 vanilla pod For the raspberry sauce: 150g fresh raspberries 25g sugar 20g of water Strawberries and other berries to taste To make the meringues: Beat the egg whites and sugar until it reaches the stiff peak stage. Preheat oven to 140 degrees. On a baking tray […]

11 May 2015


Let’s take advantage of what the countryside offers us this season by creating a simple dish combining the rich flavour of artichokes with rice and a good local pecorino cheese. Ingredients 150gr Carnaroli rice 3 artichokes, blanched 40g pecorino shavings 1 shallot, finely chopped 1 knob of butter Vegetable stock Oil and salt, to taste Grated parmesan Wine Method: In a large frying pan cook the onion in the oil until softened. Add the rice and cook until it looks […]

27 Feb 2015

Truffle Tagliatelle – chef Enzo Neri

The chef Enzo Neri proposes tagliatelle with truffles. A simple recipe of the tradition of the Upper Tiber Valley In a pot cook the fresh tagliatelle in salted boiling water. Approximately 1 minute before the pasta is ‘al dente’, remove the pasta from the pot and drain, saving some pasta water.  Melt the butter in a saucepan and shave some truffle in it. Season with salt. Add the stock to make an emulsion. Add the drained pasta along with a little vegetable stock (or pasta […]

14 Jan 2015

The Recipe by Chef Daniele Sebastiani – the Mag 13

TEMPURA OF CHARD WITH ROASTED TOMATOES, BUFFALO MOZZARELLA AND BASIL SAUCE The recipe by Chef Daniele Sebastiani in the Mag 13   INGREDIENTS: (Serves 4) 8 large chard leaves 4 mozzarella Di Bufala 4 ripe San Marzano tomatoes 160g extra virgin olive oil 50g basil 20g pine nuts 100g rice flour 100g corn flour (starch) 15g baking powder 1 small clove of garlic, finely chopped 15g brown sugar 2 sprigs marjoram 200g cold water Salt and pepper to taste   […]

22 Oct 2014


Chef Enea Barbanera plays with tradition! In this case,  “snails in porchetta” with fish. I chose mackerel for its oily meat and strong taste. This has resulted in a dish with strong flavours which goes well with a wine with a complex bouquet – Vintage Tunina. Ingredients: 100 g  land snails, previously boiled and shelled 100 g  salted pork Chopped fennel 1 shallot 3 fillets mackerel , boned 100 g  fresh fava beans 1 tablespoon anchovy oil Oil and salt […]

12 Sep 2014


Chef Daniele Sebastiani’s recipe in the Mag number 11   (Serves 4) Ingredient 16 shrimps, 2 spring onions (medium size), 600g ripe San Marzano tomatoes, 140g stale bread, 250g extra-virgin olive oil, 50g basil, 20g pine nuts, saffron, salt and pepper to taste     Method: To prepare the tomato sauce, start by cleaning the spring onions and cutting them finely , keeping the green parts to one side. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into large pieces. Saute the […]

07 Mar 2014

The Chef’s Recipe – Patrizio Cesarini | the Mag N8

A traditional Umbrian dish by Chef Patrizio Cesarini Sweet and sour salt cod INGREDIENTS 500g Desalted salt cod (baccalà) 2 medium onions Corinto sultanas (soaked) 2lt Baccalà broth 500g Cauliflower 3tbsp Vinegar METHOD Make a stock with the skin of the salt cod Soften the onions in a pan, and then add the remaining ingredients and cover with the broth and vinegar. Before serving add salt and pepper to taste Voilà!

27 Feb 2014

Chef Enzo Neri’s Recipe – the Mag N8

Chef Enzo Neri‘s Recipe – the Mag N8 Swordfish carpaccio, orange zests, fennel, pine-nuts and citrus dressing Ingredient: 80 g swordfish loin 1/2 Orange 2 g pine-nuts 1/2 fennel 1 Lemon Tomato concasse Mixed leaves Oil, Salt and pepper Method: Peel an orange. Use half of it. Cut the ends off a seedless orange just far enough to expose the flesh. Place orange cut end down and cut away the peel. Cut away as little of the peel as possible by […]

09 Jan 2014

The Chef’s Recipe – Patrizio Cesarini

Beef Roulade with stewed black leaf kale, pecorino, sesame seeds, honey and a red wine reduction. This dish came to mind this morning, it is normal for cooks to invent or make up two or three dishes a day. Actually I was meant to have made a chestnut compo. The meat is exclusively Chianina beef out of respect for the area and the fact that it comes from nearby. I included the kale because it is an autumn vegetable, I […]

04 Sep 2013

The Recipe of Chef Enzo Neri – The Mag #5

The Recipe of Chef Enzo Neri – The Mag #5 Roasted pigeon with stewed spring onions, zucchini flowers in “salmì” sauce Tribute to Marco Bistarelli. After 10 years of building an international career, I would like to dedicate this dish to my mentor, Marco Bistarelli, a man who taught me the techniques of cooking and who encouraged me to pursue a dream which has today ‘come true’. I remember the first time Marco gave me a pigeon to bone, after […]

15 Jul 2013

The Recipe of Chef Enzo Neri

The Recipe of Chef Enzo Neri Sea scallops carpaccio, mushrooms tartar, hazelnut oil and black summer truffle Ingredients: 80 g scallops, 40 g mushrooms, 25 g spring onion, 10 g black truffle, 20 g hazelnut, 10 ml truffle oil, 5 ml hazelnut oil chives, bit of lemon squeezed, crystal salt, ground pepper Procedure:  Clean and wash the scallops. Put them in a cutting board and slice lengthwise thinly. Arrange the slices on a serving dish, marinate it with truffle oil, lemon […]