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16 Dec 2014
Sarah Mancini - sarah make up

Pin Up!

This time I’m suggesting a ‘putting on your face’ tutorial! I’ve decided to try and surprise you with a make-over that highlights the ‘sparkle’ of my personality and is an invitation to my admirers to exercise their imaginations and get ‘the look’. So here’s to you,’Sarah Mancini Make Up … Pin Up!’. Get ready and follow me! The first three things you need to do are: – Apply primer to the face and around the eyes. Don’t forget the lip […]

14 Oct 2014

CONTOURING “Natural Chic”

DO YOU KNOW WHAT CONTOURING MEANS? Contouring is a make-up technique by which any lack of facial harmony is altered using a play of light and shadow; to create volume where there is none, to flatten where necessary, to raise or lower the cheekbones, reduce or enlarge the eyes… in short, it’s a kind of real Photoshop! The term contouring indicates darkening and shading, while the term highlighting indicates the clear zone, the light areas. It’s a technique borrowed from […]

02 Sep 2014
Sarah Mancini - sarah make up

Psychological Makeup – Sarah Mancini

How I see myself and how I truly am. I’d like to tell you about a new innovation in  the makeup world – ‘ psychological makeup‘. It’s a method  I’ve devised in order to make your makeup more refined, more unique, and the process is  divided into 3 steps: DISCUSSION WITH THE CUSTOMER.  First we look at the differences between your ‘perceived self’ and the ‘real self’. We are often blind to our own beauty as a result of comparing […]