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15 Oct 2018
Lenny in concerto a Città di Castello

Simply Lenny

By Helena Palazzoli Hi Lenny it is lovely to meet you and it is a pleasure to have you in Città di Castello. I hope you had a safe trip? «Yes, Yes thank you. Thank you for having us». After the worldwide success of your song Hell.o, who are you today and what projects are you currently working on? «An interesting question ‘who are you’, I am still trying to figure that out! Quite a lot! I guess I am […]

23 Jun 2016

Cristiano Godano in three parts

Twenty years after the essential Marlene Kuntz debut album Catartica, Cristiano Godano (lead singer of the band), inspired, ready to go and armed with personality, acoustic guitar lyrics and a story to tell, has bared himself for Third Time – a meeting organized by the Effetto K association. Here’s what happened on the evening of Saturday May 9th in Sansepolcro; in three chapters. by Michele Corgnoli – ph: Valeria Pierini Pop and song writing In an initially very introspective atmosphere, […]

03 Nov 2015
Goran Bregovic - the Mag 18


Your first experience of Italy was when you arrived in Naples at 18….. «I thought I’d landed in paradise. I was playing in a striptease bar and it was easy to fall in love with your country because it’s full of wonderful things.» Goran Bregovic ’s recent music is a mix of Balkan folk and electronica, wild rhythms and sacred themes, hints of gipsy and sampled sounds, but he became famous for his soundtracks for Emir Kusturica’s films, including Tempo dei […]

25 Aug 2015
Moon-in-June_capossela al piano


From fiery sunset to star studded heavens. The sun and moon seem to swap places in the sunset over the magnificent scenery of the Maggiore island, and to frame the music, freshwater sirens, nature and pristine environment. And then there’s the emotional, tearful memory of having to say goodbye to someone who has given so much to music in Umbria. Little time passed between Sergio Piazzoli’s brilliant idea of making music on an island at sunset, and the actual magical […]

16 Jul 2015


The talk about Milan and Expo, be it good or bad, will not end any time soon. In this piece I will try to highlight what is “musically” consistent with the themes in Expo 2015; Estathè Market Sound (EMS). The six month festival at the Mercati General di Milano has been organised in order to merge the love of music, food culture and the desire for fun.  From 1st May 1 31st October  at EMS there will be a high […]

21 Oct 2014

Nobraino in Città di Castello

On a midsummer night in July,  ‘Nobraino’ landed for the first time in Città di Castello. The band from Romagna brought their alternative rock to the Festival della Solidarietà, (organized by Altotevere Senza Frontiere), along with their amazing ability to turn a concert into a real show. by Andrea Tafini With four albums behind them and a career that began in 2001, ‘Nobraino’ first came to notice in 2010 with the album “No USA! No Uk “, and went on […]

13 Oct 2014

Noa Achinoam Nini – my free singing

Noa, Achinoam Nini, dreams about a world of peace, she was born in Tel Aviv, but grew up in America, she uses music as a way of shortening distances between people and last summer she came to Città di Castello where we met her (she was a guest at the Festival delle Nazioni in a sold out concert). Noa is a free woman who’s keen on talking about herself and her ideas. di Cristina Crisci During the last months  you  said   you  don’t […]

07 Jul 2014

kilowatt festival – sansepolcro

Kilowatt Festival – Sansepolcro  July 19/26 Kilowatt is a festival dedicated to the new companies of the contemporary scene (theatre, dance, music, literature, performing and visual arts); it takes place in Sansepolcro (Tuscany) during the summer. The festival was conceived in 2003 and since then it has been promoted and implemented by the company CapoTrave. The “Visionaries Selection” was created in 2007. From 2008 Kilowatt Festival has supported theatre, dance and performing arts productions. Since 2009 the festival has opened a contemporary music section, and […]

30 Jun 2014

10 Questions to Yashwant Bajaj – The heart of rock beats in Massa Martana

At 2.30 on an uncertain Spring afternoon I have a telephone appointment with Yashwant Bajaj. I’d like to do an interview of about 10 questions, but I have to wait until he returns to Italy from Singapore. Yashwant is a businessman who deals with speculative securities in Asia. He’s of Indian origin but grew up in England, travels the world and has a villa in Massa Martana to which he often returns along with his wife and children. He has […]

28 May 2014


DANCITY FESTIVAL 2014 – GATEWAY May 30th Spoleto – June 26/27/28 Foligno Gateway, the ninth edition of Dancity Festival, will seal the latest Dancity experiment, in constant search for specific projects, striving for innovation and originality, but always with its native land of Umbria. Dancity Festival Gateway will be the portal bringing together the many-sided sensory aspects of art: from historical tradition to sound innovation, from baroque locations to contemporary art in all its forms. A meeting point in which […]

24 Feb 2014

Motel Connection

Motel Connection – I’ve got the power In 2000 one of the most influential electric-rock bands in Italy was formed. Samuel, Pierfunk (respectively singer and ex-bassist of the group Subsonic), and DJ Pisti form Motel Connection – enough said! We caught up with them on their set at ‘Urban’, in Perugia. How was Motel Connection born? It was born at a time when electronic music was taking over from rock music, rebuilding it in a different way. You could say it was […]

23 Jan 2014