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15 Oct 2018
Lenny in concerto a Città di Castello

Simply Lenny

By Helena Palazzoli Hi Lenny it is lovely to meet you and it is a pleasure to have you in Città di Castello. I hope you had a safe trip? «Yes, Yes thank you. Thank you for having us». After the worldwide success of your song Hell.o, who are you today and what projects are you currently working on? «An interesting question ‘who are you’, I am still trying to figure that out! Quite a lot! I guess I am […]

16 Aug 2018
Casting the Castle - 2018

Casting the Castle – Civitella Ranieri Foundation

Last Saturday, June 30th, the Civitella Ranieri Foundation opened their regal space to the public, rich with history and, for this occasion, enhanced with activities directed towards giving back an unedited image. The 11th century castle was in fact, the location for Casting the Castle, a project that was conceived and developed by Saverio Verini, born out of the desire to sensitise the view and perception of the public about this small heritage of works, offering at the same time […]

16 Jul 2015


The talk about Milan and Expo, be it good or bad, will not end any time soon. In this piece I will try to highlight what is “musically” consistent with the themes in Expo 2015; Estathè Market Sound (EMS). The six month festival at the Mercati General di Milano has been organised in order to merge the love of music, food culture and the desire for fun.  From 1st May 1 31st October  at EMS there will be a high […]

09 Jul 2015


This year Alberto Burri will provide the testimonial for Umbria Jazz, which has chosen some of the artist’s works for its posters of events. So many colors and shapes seal this encounter between Umbria Jazz and the Fondazione Albizzini Collezione Burri, who both declined another way of celebrating Burri’s centenary but made not one, but three posters. According to the press conference, the maestro had had direct contact with Umbria Jazz for this type of collaboration, but it wasn’t completed. […]

24 Feb 2015


Back from a fishing trip in Ecuador, duly documented in his next blog on ‘Foodloft’, Simone Rugiati is the social, TV version of a cook. With recipes for everyone, he stands at his oven with a humble and simple approach; qualities that have made him one of the most popular cooking personalities on TV. ‘The Mag’ recently met with him for an interview at “I Primi d’Italia” exhibition in Foligno. by Cristina Crisci You cook on TV and have a […]

16 Feb 2015
Dario Argento

Dario Argento – “MY FEAR”

He talks softly and smiles. Only the intensity of his regard might hint that he’s the Italian master of horror; king of fear and thrills, the man behind internationally loved cult horror films. Dario Argento is currently appearing at the Immaginario Festival in Perugia. He’s had long-standing ties to the city since childhood, but is here following the release of his autobigraphy ‘Paura’ and to promote a crowd-funding campaign to finance his new film, ‘The Sandman’. by Sofia Coletti / ph: […]

18 Dec 2014
Tommaso Sacchi

Tommaso Sacchi – More Live Music

We’ve already briefly mentioned the #Piùmusicalive Campaign in this issue in an interview with Manuel Agnelli. However, we wanted to look into this in more depth and so we contacted Tommaso Sacchi, now head of the Culture for the City of Florence and the project coordinator for facilitating and encouraging the production of live music, and who shared the Immaginario Festival stage in Perugia with Agnelli on Sunday 9th November. by Marco Polchi Tommaso, let’s talk about #Piùmusicalive – what […]

15 Dec 2014

Alessio Boni – “Piero Ciampi is a Rachmaninov that goes straight to the heart”

Opening the ‘Teatro degli Illuminati’* Literature season with his new show ‘Amore scalzo’, (Love Barefoot),  popular actor Alessio Boni, along with Marcello Prayer, paid tribute to the poetic testimony of Piero Ciampi; a great artist who died in 1980 and who was considered by many to be the father of singer-songwriters. by Massimo Zangarelli Where did you get this idea for a  tribute to Piero Ciampi? «Along with Marcello Prayer, I’m dedicated to characters we consider to have been mistreated […]

29 Oct 2014

Glen Matlock in Sansepolcro

The history of music is full of people who  found themselves in the right place at the right time,  and those who got off the train just before arriving at the station of fame and success. by Michele Corgnoli The history of music is full of people  like Pete Best, thrown  out of The Beatles in exchange for Ringo Starr,  just before they took off for stardom;  and somewhat less famous the story of Ian Stewart, amongst the founders of […]

23 Oct 2014

“Quando c’era Berlinguer” a film by Walter Veltroni

With just one click you can save something in a computer’s memory.  It’s not nearly as simple to safeguard the collective memory of a country with an inalienable heritage, enabling a future worthy of its name and avoiding living passively in the present.  This was the thrust of the appeal launched in mid-September, by the honorable Walter Veltroni, and the Director of channel TG3 Bianca Berlinguer at the preview the of the ‘docufilm’ ‘Quando c’era Berlinguer’ at the Eden cinema. […]

21 Oct 2014

Nobraino in Città di Castello

On a midsummer night in July,  ‘Nobraino’ landed for the first time in Città di Castello. The band from Romagna brought their alternative rock to the Festival della Solidarietà, (organized by Altotevere Senza Frontiere), along with their amazing ability to turn a concert into a real show. by Andrea Tafini With four albums behind them and a career that began in 2001, ‘Nobraino’ first came to notice in 2010 with the album “No USA! No Uk “, and went on […]

13 Oct 2014

Noa Achinoam Nini – my free singing

Noa, Achinoam Nini, dreams about a world of peace, she was born in Tel Aviv, but grew up in America, she uses music as a way of shortening distances between people and last summer she came to Città di Castello where we met her (she was a guest at the Festival delle Nazioni in a sold out concert). Noa is a free woman who’s keen on talking about herself and her ideas. di Cristina Crisci During the last months  you  said   you  don’t […]

18 Sep 2014

Sorella Marilyn – Tiferno Comics 2014

“Of the ancient world and the future world / all that remained was the beauty, and you, / poor little sister” thus begins Pier Paolo Pasolini’s poem, his verses dedicated to Marilyn Monroe; no-one else comes close to being the timeless symbol that she was, communicating from one generation to the next the idea of a fragile and unapproachable beauty. The 2014 Tiferno Comics festival is dedicated to Marilyn Monroe; “Sorella Marilyn” (inspired specifically by Pasolini’s poem), aims to pay […]

16 Sep 2014


2015 will be the year of Alberto Burri, celebrating the centenary of his birth with a series of events. These will include a retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, (subsequently to show in Germany and Italy), a conference and summit of international artists as an original and symbolic moment of celebration in Città di Castello. The restoration and completion of ‘Cretto Gibellina’ accompanied by a Palermo festival in Riso; the reconstruction of the ‘Teatro Continuo’ in Milan’s Parco Sempione, […]

27 Aug 2014
Giampaolo Tomassetti

Giampaolo Tomassetti – Soul of Steel

Art, via the artist, can bring the spirit close to artificial elements without diminishing it. Giampaolo Tomassetti has chosen “Soul of Steel” as the title of his next exhibition in the city where he was born – Terni. His was a limiting reality, dominated by the mundane work from which he escaped; made strong by youthful rebellion. This flight, a crucial moment in his life, is represented by an installation created specifically for the exhibition, in which clay dolphins pierce […]

26 Aug 2014
Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra

Festival delle Nazioni 2014 – Music from Armenia

Last year it celebrated Europe, but in 2014 the Festival delle Nazioni crosses the boundaries to arrive in Armenia. It promises symphonic and chamber music, folk and classical, sacred, healing and secular choral music, medieval hymns and new compositions. All this will be featured in the main programme of the 47th Festival delle Nazioni in Città di Castello, which from 27th August until September 6th will explore the musical culture of Armenia, this year’s host nation. by Cristina Crisci It […]

07 Jul 2014

kilowatt festival – sansepolcro

Kilowatt Festival – Sansepolcro  July 19/26 Kilowatt is a festival dedicated to the new companies of the contemporary scene (theatre, dance, music, literature, performing and visual arts); it takes place in Sansepolcro (Tuscany) during the summer. The festival was conceived in 2003 and since then it has been promoted and implemented by the company CapoTrave. The “Visionaries Selection” was created in 2007. From 2008 Kilowatt Festival has supported theatre, dance and performing arts productions. Since 2009 the festival has opened a contemporary music section, and […]

30 Jun 2014

10 Questions to Yashwant Bajaj – The heart of rock beats in Massa Martana

At 2.30 on an uncertain Spring afternoon I have a telephone appointment with Yashwant Bajaj. I’d like to do an interview of about 10 questions, but I have to wait until he returns to Italy from Singapore. Yashwant is a businessman who deals with speculative securities in Asia. He’s of Indian origin but grew up in England, travels the world and has a villa in Massa Martana to which he often returns along with his wife and children. He has […]

28 May 2014


DANCITY FESTIVAL 2014 – GATEWAY May 30th Spoleto – June 26/27/28 Foligno Gateway, the ninth edition of Dancity Festival, will seal the latest Dancity experiment, in constant search for specific projects, striving for innovation and originality, but always with its native land of Umbria. Dancity Festival Gateway will be the portal bringing together the many-sided sensory aspects of art: from historical tradition to sound innovation, from baroque locations to contemporary art in all its forms. A meeting point in which […]

21 May 2014


Monte Santa Maria Tiberina is a small town made up of 1300 inhabitants including many foreigners. The second edition of ‘Artists at Monte’ will be held on the 24th and 25th May with 17 artists exhibiting their works, (in 11 different locations around the town and its surrounding area), and who will open their studios to allow the general public to have a go at creating their own pieces. ‘Open art in an open space’: a modern concept that merges […]

11 Apr 2014
Arianna Chieli portrait


She left Città di Castello at the end of the ‘90s “with a suitcase full of dreams and few certainties “A woman able to maintain both the desire to write and a passion for fashion, in the days when the internet was just taking off. Arianna talks to The Mag in an interview about her life and work in the fashion capital, Milan. by Cristina Crisci From Città di Castello to Milan with the aim of becoming a fashion journalist… […]

26 Mar 2014

Sensational Umbria by Steve McCurry

Sensational Umbria by Steve McCurry Perugia –  Ex Ospedale Fatebenefratelli – Palazzo della Penna march 29  – october 5 2014  “The meaning of a journey lies both in its route and in its arrival”  The pictures of Steve McCurry, most of which are unpublished, and the others of Umbria taken from his personal archive, are the contents of the exhibition “Sensational Umbria”, which will be held in Perugia from March 29th to October 5th 2014. The exhibit features the journeys that the artist made […]

04 Mar 2014

CaLibro Festival Volume Two – the Mag N8

CaLibro Volume Two – the Mag N8 After a previous success, it’s much easier to continue an adventure with a positive attitude. This was certainly the case for this year’s CaLibro; (from 27th to 30th March). The Mag caught up with three of the organizers, with a couple of questions for each. by Eleonora Mariucci Annalisa, from external interviewer to a CaLibro’ activist’; how do you learn how to organize a festival?  “There isn’t a ‘recipe’ as such. For the […]

24 Feb 2014

Motel Connection

Motel Connection – I’ve got the power In 2000 one of the most influential electric-rock bands in Italy was formed. Samuel, Pierfunk (respectively singer and ex-bassist of the group Subsonic), and DJ Pisti form Motel Connection – enough said! We caught up with them on their set at ‘Urban’, in Perugia. How was Motel Connection born? It was born at a time when electronic music was taking over from rock music, rebuilding it in a different way. You could say it was […]

17 Feb 2014

Frankie goes to San Remo

Frankie goes to San Remo by Cristina Crisci   We’ve seen him presenting ‘Street Art’ on Sky Arte, and from 18 to 22 February he’ll be at the Sanremo music festival, finishing the end of the month with the release of his much anticipated album, which he reckons is more melodic and rather good. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrpJB7ucC5Y[/youtube] Fabio Fazio’s surprise announcement of Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc’s entry at Sanremo, was accompanied by his description of the rapper as a master of hip hop […]

23 Jan 2014

Niccolò Fabi – “ACCENTI IN TOUR“ Anghiari gennaio 2014

Post simili Our Home – A warm nest, like wood EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR NEW YEARS EVE? Simply Lenny Our Home – CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE LIFE IN COLOR Casting the Castle – Civitella Ranieri Foundation IMMERSED IN GREEN A VILLA OF MATERIALS AND DESIGN Alessandro Borghese

10 Jan 2014

The lawyer’s corner – Money Back Guarantee

by Michele Cancellieri Christmas is knocking at the door and to honour the tradition of swapping “gifts” and beat the grip of the economic crisis, it may be convenient to browse the internet and take advantage of the offers available in many online shops. It is worth remembering that when you buy a product online, Article. 64 of the “Italian Consumer Code” (D.Lgs. n. 206 of 2005) allows the “consumer”, except entrepreneurs, to exercise the right to terminate or to […]

02 Jan 2014

Claudia Cardinale, italian sweetheart

by Massimo Zangarelli “La Ragazza di Bube, the fundamental turning point in my career ” Half a century after “La Ragazza di Bube“ shot in Anghiari, Claudia Cardinale, has returned to the film locations, chatting amiably with the audience that flooded the Theater Ricomposti, he was triumphantly received by the Upper Tiber Valley including many extras from that time who have never forgotten the star. In those years she was conquering the international silver screens and Luigi Comencini ‘s film, […]

16 Dec 2013

Paolo Rossi – Also Comedians cry

by Cristina Crisci For 30 years, Paolo Rossi has traveled from the atmosphere of the club to the big stage, with a leap into the theatre, winking at the cabaret. His forays into television have become a cult hit as he does not even mind the circus tents. We had a curious conversation with Paolo Rossi on the phone lasting about fifteen minutes, interspersed with some good laughs, at 11, one morning on the eve of the show “ L’amore […]

01 Nov 2013
Claudia Cardinale

The Mag in the week-end / November 1-3

The Mag in the week-end / November 1-3 A song for #WE – Fiera Utopie Concrete, Città di Castello. – Andy Warhol in mostra a Città di Castello – Capolavori in Valtiberina – Fiere dei Morti, Perugia. – Mostra del Tartufo, Città di Castello. – Festa del Bosco, Montone. Friday – Dedicato a “ENNIO MORRICONE” Le più belle musiche da film. – “A CENA CON L’ OSPITE” – LOVE ART NIGHT! – EUROPEAN BLUES CHALLENGE – FINALE ITALIANA Saturday – Claudia Cardinale al Teatro di Anghiari – Tributo […]