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15 Oct 2018
Lenny in concerto a Città di Castello

Simply Lenny

By Helena Palazzoli Hi Lenny it is lovely to meet you and it is a pleasure to have you in Città di Castello. I hope you had a safe trip? «Yes, Yes thank you. Thank you for having us». After the worldwide success of your song Hell.o, who are you today and what projects are you currently working on? «An interesting question ‘who are you’, I am still trying to figure that out! Quite a lot! I guess I am […]

14 Jun 2018
Alessandro Borghese sorridente mentre cucina

Alessandro Borghese

Alessandro Borghese is the celebrity of the moment. Or rather, the chef of the moment. Likeable face, dark curls, glasses and obligatory smile. His skill and pleasant nature have, in no time at all, conquered the world of social network and now the television with programs “Alessandro Borghese 4 Ristoranti” and “Kitchen Sound” in which on Sky One HD, he presents a recipe in five minutes. In the past weeks Borghese and his troop came to Umbria for 4 Ristoranti […]

06 Mar 2018
Matteo Casilli - la copertina di Musician

Matteo Casilli – MUSICIAN Author’s Portraits

Matteo Casilli is a young Roman photographer who has done something so simple that no one had thought of before: put the characters of the Italian music scene against the wall, get a camera and take portraits in black and white (261 of them!) to then make a book, beautiful, which is called “Musician“ by Andrea Luccioli Then those from Marvis Labl arrived, discographic label and artistic laboratory, who thought well to print Matteo’s project. It seems that this thing […]

06 Mar 2018
sorriso di Amanda Sandrelli


A great success for Amanda Sandrelli at the Dante Theatre in Sansepolcro with the show “I live in a Jungle, I sleep on thorns”, text and directing by Laura Sicignano, written in collaboration with Shahzeb Iqbal based on real stories of young immigrants in Italy. by Massimo Zangarelli The actress was also at the center of a meeting with the public, coordinated by Caterina Casini, artistic director of Permanent Workshops within the project realized with the Tuscan Show Foundation, herald […]

21 Dec 2017
Fabio Mariacci portrait


From Fabio Mariacci’s study you can see rolling Umbrian hills, but on his paintings you won’t find a trace of our landscapes; geometry fills his paintings with decisive colors and futurist brush strokes. By Claudia Belli photo Molotovstudio Convinced self-taught and a protagonist for many years in the Tiber Valley artistic community, Fabio Mariacci discovered his passion for art at a very early age and since then he has not stopped experimenting. He paints colors and shapes, trying to reproduce […]

21 Dec 2017


GIORGIO ASCANI, NUVOLO, A STORY The year is 1944, we are in full Resistance. Name of the battle by partisan: Nuvolo, because he would appear and disappear in the Umbrian hills. He was unpredictable. From then on, the eighteen-year-old Giorgio Ascani, that very-poetic name would bring it with him for his whole life. No more as a militant of the San Faustino brigade, but as an artist. by Cristina Crisci & Marco Polchi He was an experimenter, a visionary, technically […]

28 Feb 2017


At the Illuminati Theatre in Città di Castello, in exclusive for Umbria, a historic interpretation by Giuliana De Sio in «Notturno di donna con ospiti», a cult text by Annibale Ruccello. On stage with De Sio, Gino Curcione, Rosaria De Cicco, Andrea De Venuti, Francesco di Leva, Luigi Iacuzio, for the direction of Enrico Maria Lamanna. By Massimo Zangarelli Mrs. De Sio, this job is becoming a classic, in particular «your» classic seeing that you brought it on stage twenty […]

27 Feb 2017

Ilaria Margutti – The soul in the embroidery

Ilaria Margutti delves in the deepest parts of her subjects, especially female ones, starting from the outer surface of the bodies and leaving space for the fascination of the mysteries they hide. To do this, she uses new and at the same time antique techniques. In her laboratory in Sansepolcro, Ilaria embroiders introspective portraits on canvasses; with thread, she designs unpredictable dramas which transform themselves in faces and bodies, behind which are hidden stories that are impossible to tell all […]

06 Dec 2016


It is May 2011. Giacomo Sintini, Jack for everyone in the volleyball world, he is thirty-two years old, a beautiful wife, Alessia, and a daughter who is just a little more than two years old, named Carolina. Jack is a champion in his sport, he has won championships, cups, and European championships, he has just signed a contract with an important Polish team: he wants to go to the Olympics in London in 2012 with Italy. by Stefano Signorelli But […]

18 Oct 2016
Vinicio Capossela seduto su una poltrona con la chitarra fra le braccia e luce morbida da una lampada


With the concert-show «Polvere» Vinicio Capossela tells stories of the earth and says: Putting together scenes from a musical disc helps you to personally understand your own ideas. written by Andrea Luccioli – main photo by Luca Zizioli Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the great folk theatre, made of the music, visions and legends of Vinicio Capossela. Yes, because «Polvere», the show brought to the Giardini del Frontone in Perugia is exactly this: a stage where imaginary things become powerfully […]

11 Aug 2016

Cecilia Morini – from CITTÀ di CASTELLO to RIO 2016: IN THE MIND OF CHAMPIONS

«Motivation, concentration, trust, managing emotions». Sports psychologist Cecilia Morini immediately explains the four main factors that can transform a good competitor into a champion or, the opposite, if one of these factors wavers, jeopardizing the progress. For Doctor Morini, 2016 will not be an ordinary summer; working together with Arianna Errigo, silver individual and gold team foil fencer in London 2012. And Matteo Piano, centre in the national Volleyball team and ex Città di Castello player, she will head to […]

24 Jun 2016


«Perugia is a city with an educational and healing beauty: here you are able to forget many terrible things for a little while and to remember why the things that are not terrible must be protected with as much determination and intelligence as possible. Meetings that take place here have fostered this perception: little festivals like CaLibro and associations like Nemo are the proof that there is a strong cultural resistance that is willing to survive at least as long […]

23 Jun 2016


It is not easy to describe the role of art in the life of Elio Mariucci, his house is a kind of museum in which the works of art blend with creations by other artists, many of whom are his friends, and of objects collected throughout the years; in every detail a memory hides. Besides painting, sculpting and his special furniture, Elio has been involved in drama and recently in poetry, but his first love remains the paint brush and […]

22 Jun 2016


One  starred in the most prosperous season of Italian volleyball, being part of that generation of, perhaps unrepeatable, phenomena and is now behind the desk as general manager. The other is a young talented ‘spiker’, (outside hitter), who is growing day after day in between training, matches and an Economics exam at university. But they are not opponents. Joining them is an unbreakable bond, both  in sport but most of all in life. Father and son, who this year won […]

22 Jun 2016


A woman of many resources. A woman at the helm of a great Tiber Valley firm specializing in fixtures and doors (Bianchini Infissi, to be precise). A woman who, however doesn’t get frightened in a sector that is traditionally male and therefore often (but not always) chauvinist as well. We present you Lorenza Bianchini: strong, determined, one who always has a desire to learn new things when she is between one project and another, but who has very little free […]

13 Apr 2016


The tables are in position, set up by coach and athletes, you hear a deaf sound though entrancing of little balls hit like lightning. They are small realities, often little known, that work with little trace. Realities that however count in terms of sports and humans, who bring Italian titles to the board (the last one won in February by an 11 year old Alessandra Ugolini in the category “giovanissime”) and they unite athletes and followers – women and men- […]

13 Apr 2016


Entering in Andrea Lensi’s home, one has the impression that even the canvases are not enough to contain the forms and colors that characterize his works. Lamps, cushions, old advertising posters and even the dinner table, every surface becomes a work of art and at the same time a piece of furnishing, it is an art that is destined to be used every day, just as in the pop tradition. By Claudia Belli «I am decisively a pop artist. My […]

13 Apr 2016


Maybe not everyone knows “Io vivo in”, a Made in Italy brand that is represented by a small boar printed on shirts and many other gadgets…well, it is about one of the most clamorous entrepreneurial cases in recent years and it came out of the Tuscan  Tiber Valley; only in 2015, the brand sold 15,000 t-shirt and 10,000 stuffed boar toys. This success is the result of the intuition of Ottavia Pittini and her husband Nicola. We meet Ottavia in […]

13 Apr 2016


Daniele Silvestri is not only one of the best Italian singer-songwriters. He is a tightrope walker, who, playing with words and his music, after more than 20 years in his career, has found himself to be a marvelous balancing act artist in a world of hopeful acrobats. In Umbria, in Foligno, he initially celebrated the publication of his new album «Acrobati», indeed, on the roads of the city, and then he played it far and wide (almost three hours in […]

23 Feb 2016

Fontecchio’s winter – Photography by Enrico Milanesi

Enrico Milanesi has recently published a photographic project online which was situated in and dedicated to Fontecchio Terme, an ancient thermal bath complex which has been active since Roman times (since the time of Plinio il Giovane), only a few kilometers away from Città di Castello. Thanks to the therapeutic properties of the sulfuric water, “Il Bagno di Fontecchio” encountered a remarkable growth – economical, touristic and naturalistic – during the second half of the 20th century, even if the […]

16 Feb 2016


She doesn’t stay still for a minute, she works all day, she has a thousand ideas in her head and many projects to realize. In all of this, she hasn’t lost her calm, her desire to run and face the smallest to the most complicated daily challenges. She is Elena Veschi, entrepreneur at the helm of Umbraplast (up to last April she was also national board member of the Confindustria), one of the most dynamic economic realities in the Upper […]

12 Feb 2016


Going from the parting of David Bowie to the violence in Cologne and then to the attacks in Paris. She puts her experience as a mother (now) and as a daughter (before) into her music and her eyes light up when she talks about the beauty of the place which has welcomed her these days, Foligno. Carmen Consoli has begun her new theatrical tour at the San Domenico Auditorium and it has sold out completely and it is a show […]

07 Jan 2016


It was 1958 when her father Silvio Nardi, entrepreneur in the mechanical agricultural sector in the Upper Tiber River Valley, produced the first bottle of “Brunello di Montalcino” from the winery of the Casale del Bosco. In 1985 Emilia Nardi began working in the company, the youngest daughter,  and she began working in management in 1990. She, together with her brothers decided to introduce radical changes in the wine production process and in the company management: she gave the go-ahead […]

21 Dec 2015
Alessandro Bacchetta - Raffaello

Alessandro Bacchetta – “The genius of Raphael my story”

Alessandro Bacchetta is a young cartoonist from the Tiber Valley. He studies you with his look and his words are assured but he has  a natural and humble way about him. He graduated from the International School of Comics in Florence and in Literature at the University of Siena, and has got a position at the Palazzo del Podesta in Città di Castello, several national competitions, (including  Lanciano nel Fumetto and the Lucca Project Contest) and “Una stanza tutta per […]

21 Dec 2015

Heels and studs

They finish work, close up manuals and put away university handouts, climb into the car and from all over the Upper Tiber Valley come to meet up at the Marcucci Graziano sports centre, in Spedalicchio, Umbertide. In the locker room, they slip on kit, socks and football boots and train for a couple of hours. They are the ladies of the Wood Women Futsal CF5 team, coached by Alessandro Moretti, who regardless of the cold and rain defy the weather […]

15 Dec 2015

CHEF RUBIO – Food on the Road

Ten years ago the rugby player Gabriele Rubini moved to New Zealand to play for a team based in Wellington and there, to support himself, he began working in a restaurant developing a passion for cooking. Today, that boy who left from Rome is one of the most loved TV characters: Chef Rubio, undisputed king of «Unti e bisunti», the TV show that has converted many people among the food lovers, but also among those who, though they eat lightly, […]

03 Nov 2015
Goran Bregovic - the Mag 18


Your first experience of Italy was when you arrived in Naples at 18….. «I thought I’d landed in paradise. I was playing in a striptease bar and it was easy to fall in love with your country because it’s full of wonderful things.» Goran Bregovic ’s recent music is a mix of Balkan folk and electronica, wild rhythms and sacred themes, hints of gipsy and sampled sounds, but he became famous for his soundtracks for Emir Kusturica’s films, including Tempo dei […]

29 Oct 2015

Maria Latella – “For women, a partner who accepts your success is vital”

Maria Latella as author of the biography‘Tendenza Veronica’, she uncovered the strong personality of the former Mrs. Berlusconi, helping to portray her as an invincible icon capable of defeating the “Dragon”. by Massimo Zangarelli She also headed the women’s magazine ‘A’, bypassing the male vision of the news by refusing to publish any gossip on, the then,  infamous Belen. Maria Latella was the exce-ptional  presenter of the summer meeting  “La ricchezza intangibile dell’olio”, organised by olive oil producers Olei- ficio […]

28 Oct 2015
Claudio Coccoluto - the Mag 18

Claudio Coccoluto – the abc’s of a DJ

During summer nights anything can happen. It can happen that in the extreme heat in the first days of September, Claudio Coccoluto, one of the DJs who has written history in house music, arrives at the Bar Mè in Trestina, the cafè of the village, the one that once held an old cinema and that today hosts the Sagra della Puntina (Music Festival), three nights of music, DJs and vinyl records. We start with the vinyl records, his passion and […]

26 Oct 2015


In just a few months, he has gone from the local scene to the biggest Italian stages. Edward Menichella a.k.a. Ed, a singer-songwriter native of Sansepolcro, born in 1988, has been the musical revelation of the year, coming up from the “bottom”, thanks to his voice, to the melody, making his way beyond talent shows. di Andrea Tafani His history, starting way back, from years of songs and concerts with his ex-band, the E45, and then alone with his acoustic […]