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23 Oct 2015


Just a few days away from the official publication and first presentation (the 26th of September at the Pinacoteca Comunale in Città di Castello) of the photo book Going slowly, we met its author, the Città di Castello-born Stefano Giogli. We talked with him for a half an hour, very stimulating, active and ready to tell about himself. During the conversation many topics came up which were tied to photography and the book obviously (this work was also chosen for […]

20 Oct 2015

Our Victories

FRED MORINI «I WON MY TOUR DE FRANCE» One hot, late summer afternoon Federico ‘Fred’ Morini bikes in on his very special ‘Bianchi’, carefully screen-printed with the itinerary of his last trip. He’s nimble, agile, and climbing the stairs as if he were up on the pedals during a mountain Grand Prix. You can tell two wheels are in his blood; two wheels that raised him up to compete with the professional Bianchi-Gerolsteiner team alongside some of the strongest competitors […]

11 Aug 2015

Annalisa Calagreti – DREAMING OF THE 2020 OLYMPICS

Annalisa Calagreti is a member of the Italian National Junior Judo squad, was Italian junior champion in both 2012 and 2013, was third last year but won gold again this year climbing to the top podium at the European Cup in Portugal. She is rich in medals and national and international tournaments. Annalisa Calagreti , 16, a student at the Institute Cavallotti who lives with her mother in Città di Castello and trains in the Tiber valley Centro Judo Ginnastica […]

10 Aug 2015
Valentina Lodovini

Valentina Lodovini – «… That time when i fell in love with Daniel Day Lewis»

She has ten years of intense career behind her: she has worked for Sorrentino, Mazzacurati, Vicari, Risi, she won a David di Donatello, she’s done television, radio, lent her face for video clips, and she even went on stage at the theatre next to Marco Travaglio to speak about the mafia. Valentina Lodovini, actress, born and raised in Umbria and Tuscany, on a mid-July afternoon, returned to Città di Castello where, before the limelight shone on her, she studied acting.  […]

15 Jul 2015

Fragasso & Drudi: A LIFE IN CINEMA

Director Claudio Fragasso and screenwriter, Rossella Drudi, are married in both life and their work. They are the authors of some of the most important Italian films of a certain genre: “La casa 5”, “After Death”, “Zombie 3”, “Virus”, “Rats” and “Milano Palermo Solo Andata”. And above all there’s “TROLL 2” – the 1990 film that had such an unexpected reception that it’s resulted in a series of nighttime screenings of the film and a festival organized every year in […]

01 Jul 2015

Amanda Sandrelli: men can’t accept that women are worth more

«Tale Madre Tale figlia» (like mother like daughter) was a success during the theatre season at the Teatro Dante in Sansepolcro; and for this reason we interviewed the star Amanda Sandrelli. Is the script bit of an ‘investigation into the world of women from woman’s perspective? «It definitely is about women written by a woman (Laura Forti, ed) with whom I have already done another show about motherhood; I was interested in the mother-daughter relationship because it is there that […]

18 Jun 2015

Alessandro Gavarini – A PASSION FOR CANOEING

Over the last ten years, the 20 year old Alessandro Gavarini has spent his life on the water, canoe practicing and racing. Born in Correggio, in Emilia, he discovered the sport in Città di Castello where he was brought up winning many titles. Even after an injury and his university obligations he has no intentions on giving up. by Marco Polchi / ph: Giorgia Fanelli How did you discover your love for canoeing? «I started about 10 years ago when […]

12 Jun 2015


It was 1997 when in “Quelli che benpensano” [Those who think well] he sang, “The last will be last if first is unreachable,” and now, 18 years later, these words still sum up the clear thinking of FRANKIE HI-NRG MC. His critical view of Expo 2015 has made the rounds of newspapers and television. Along with J-Ax and Fedez, he has set the talk shows alight and countered the rampant enthusiasm for the event. Expo Milano 2015- ‘Feeding the planet, […]

22 Apr 2015

Angela Finocchiaro – A CUTTING IRONY

After last season’s success, Angela Finocchiaro is back in Umbria. She plays the lead in ‘Open Day’, (with Bruno Sori, directed by Roger Dear), on stage at Politeama Clarici Foligno and the Teatro degli Illuminati in Città di Castello. The story is about the torment of a mother and a father in their fifties who have been separated for some time and who, crushed by life, find themselves having to deal with a teenage daughter. It’s ironic, edgy and emotional. […]

14 Apr 2015

Laura Massetti – My feet on the ground

I met her in the hallway getting ready for the photo shoot; she is radiant, has a sweet smile and treads softly. Her name is Laura Massetti. She was born in Città di Castello 19 years ago, but now lives in Florence where she is a dancer for the Junior Balletto di Toscana – one of the best Italian companies for classical and contemporary dancers in Europe. foto: Emanuele Vanni – servizio: Mokacomunicazione / Lucia Fiorucci She told me that it’s […]

14 Apr 2015

Nima Benati – “The Wonderland collection”

Nima Benati, 23, is a photographer from Bologna who is quickly working her way up in the fashion world. She has many followers on all major social networks and has been hired by major brands  for their advertising campaigns, (including Patrizia Pepe, Cruciani, Vladimiro Gioia and Pin Up Stars ), as well as doing covers for magazines like Maxim and Playboy. We met her at the  G&P cosmetics headquarters in Sansepolcro, where she was fotographing the Wonderland collection by Sens.us […]

03 Mar 2015
Mirka Francia

Mirka Francia

It would be nice to start with a list of all Mirka Francia’s victories, but we’d need a whole other article to do so. Suffice to say, the Cuban volleyball player, born in 1975, (and an Italian citizen since 2004), can boast two Olympic titles and two World Championships with the Cuban national team, as well as a considerable number of trophies – national and international – won during her years playing for Sirio Perugia, in addition to several individual […]

25 Feb 2015
Marco Risi

Marco Risi “I want to be like Billy Wilder”

Accomplished director Marco Risi directs Valentina Lodovini and Lucia Rossi, two actresses from the Altotiberina, in the film “Tre Tocchi” – released last November. They come together to tell the story of a group of, more or less young actors and their daily struggles for a breakthrough, who pass the time playing football. The film was presented at the Rome Film Festival. The film was well received wasn’t it? Marco Risi: «Yes it was, even though it’s an independent film […]

24 Feb 2015


Back from a fishing trip in Ecuador, duly documented in his next blog on ‘Foodloft’, Simone Rugiati is the social, TV version of a cook. With recipes for everyone, he stands at his oven with a humble and simple approach; qualities that have made him one of the most popular cooking personalities on TV. ‘The Mag’ recently met with him for an interview at “I Primi d’Italia” exhibition in Foligno. by Cristina Crisci You cook on TV and have a […]

23 Feb 2015


How did you feel on the day of the attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’? Vauro : «Like many others, feelings of pain and confusion that were made more profound by the empathy that unites satirical artists; I mean the empathy that comes from a particular way of conveying things, through imagination and art. A devastating pain». How do you think the events in Paris will influence, or have already influenced, the concepts of freedom of the press and free speech? Vauro […]

16 Feb 2015
Dario Argento

Dario Argento – “MY FEAR”

He talks softly and smiles. Only the intensity of his regard might hint that he’s the Italian master of horror; king of fear and thrills, the man behind internationally loved cult horror films. Dario Argento is currently appearing at the Immaginario Festival in Perugia. He’s had long-standing ties to the city since childhood, but is here following the release of his autobigraphy ‘Paura’ and to promote a crowd-funding campaign to finance his new film, ‘The Sandman’. by Sofia Coletti / ph: […]

12 Feb 2015
Lucia Rossi - the Mag

Lucia Rossi – winter muse

It was a bitterly cold day when we met Lucia Rossi at Villa Magherini Graziani, with the idea of photographing her in one of the most beautiful places near where she was born. From Lama San Giustino where she grew up and where her family still lives, Lucia moved to Rome. She’s acted on TV, (where we’ve seen her in various productions including ‘Ris Roma’ as Bianca), doesn’t mind doing theatre and is becoming better known in the film world. […]

27 Jan 2015


There is an enduring and mysterious shift between places and non-places, empty and full spaces, heaviness and lightness;  something you can only sense and which, for a brief moment, makes us feel alive. With his latest work, ‘Earth Hotel’, Paolo Benvegnù attempts to recount this dance of life, through twelve melancholic and luminous short stories. I met him at Jam Recordings studio, along with Michele Pazzaglia;  co-worker, friend, counsellor, and in many instances, dam. They met in 2002, began to […]

21 Jan 2015

Alessandra Chieli – «I’m theatrical by choice»

When you combine strong-willed and stubborn nature of Capricorn with an optimism as disarming as it is creative; when you take a young woman blessed with talent and beauty – you get Alessandra Chieli. There was no Plan B because “rather than contemplate or worse complain, you have to create.” With a diploma in her pocket, something that would have been an obvious precursor to a teaching career ten years ago, Alessandra choose instead to ‘put herself to the test’. […]

18 Dec 2014
Manuel Agnelli


“Sorry, we were in the rehearsal room focusing on a few things” –  and so began our telephone interview with Manuel Agnelli. The following Sunday he’d be off to Umbria for a panel discussion on the #Piùmusicalive campaign at a conference at the Immaginario Festival in Perugia. by Cristina Crisci – ph: Luca Carlino This campaign aims to promote music, in addition to art and culture in general. Manuel Agnelli, musician, writer and producer for over 25 years and frontman […]

18 Dec 2014
Tommaso Sacchi

Tommaso Sacchi – More Live Music

We’ve already briefly mentioned the #Piùmusicalive Campaign in this issue in an interview with Manuel Agnelli. However, we wanted to look into this in more depth and so we contacted Tommaso Sacchi, now head of the Culture for the City of Florence and the project coordinator for facilitating and encouraging the production of live music, and who shared the Immaginario Festival stage in Perugia with Agnelli on Sunday 9th November. by Marco Polchi Tommaso, let’s talk about #Piùmusicalive – what […]

15 Dec 2014

Alessio Boni – “Piero Ciampi is a Rachmaninov that goes straight to the heart”

Opening the ‘Teatro degli Illuminati’* Literature season with his new show ‘Amore scalzo’, (Love Barefoot),  popular actor Alessio Boni, along with Marcello Prayer, paid tribute to the poetic testimony of Piero Ciampi; a great artist who died in 1980 and who was considered by many to be the father of singer-songwriters. by Massimo Zangarelli Where did you get this idea for a  tribute to Piero Ciampi? «Along with Marcello Prayer, I’m dedicated to characters we consider to have been mistreated […]

05 Dec 2014

Monica Bellucci

When we meet Monica Bellucci who’s back in Città di Castello to spend a few days with her parents,  it’s like the sun returning in autumn. She’s accompanied by her two daughters, Deva and Léonie. Monica is slender, a little black dress wrapped around her figure, high heels, with dark hair parted in the middle and framing her face. She’s a celebration of femininity, elegance and sensuality. Interview Veronica Barelli in collaboration with the Mag – written by Cristina Crisci EXCLUSIVE […]

21 Oct 2014

Nobraino in Città di Castello

On a midsummer night in July,  ‘Nobraino’ landed for the first time in Città di Castello. The band from Romagna brought their alternative rock to the Festival della Solidarietà, (organized by Altotevere Senza Frontiere), along with their amazing ability to turn a concert into a real show. by Andrea Tafini With four albums behind them and a career that began in 2001, ‘Nobraino’ first came to notice in 2010 with the album “No USA! No Uk “, and went on […]

15 Oct 2014
Moro di Venezia

The Return of the ‘Moro di Venezia’

Moro di Venezia In 1992 all Italians fell in love with her when she won the Louis Vuitton Cup and then went on to the America’s Cup challenge in the United States, thus becoming the first non-English speaking nation’s vessel to try for the cup in its 141 years’ history. We’re talking about ‘Il Moro di Venezia’, the red-hulled boat that came out of the Marghera shipyard in 1990 and, two years later carried the dreams of her followers into the […]

13 Oct 2014

Noa Achinoam Nini – my free singing

Noa, Achinoam Nini, dreams about a world of peace, she was born in Tel Aviv, but grew up in America, she uses music as a way of shortening distances between people and last summer she came to Città di Castello where we met her (she was a guest at the Festival delle Nazioni in a sold out concert). Noa is a free woman who’s keen on talking about herself and her ideas. di Cristina Crisci During the last months  you  said   you  don’t […]

17 Sep 2014

The symbolism of Giulio Giustini – the Mag N11

«Following renovation of the premises, “Studio Arch’ “ offered me an opportunity to participate in an exhibition that will open up a dialogue between space, art and design, so creating a partnership between the written word, colour, and form». The young artist Giulio Giustini will open the exhibition space that the Studio Arch‘ intends to make available in time to the various artists in the area. A planning workshop also designed as an open space available for talent.   How did […]

03 Sep 2014
Fabrizio Manis - the Mag

THE FABULOUS FAB – Fabrizio Manis

Graphic designer, illustrator, artist and visionary. If you look around carefully you’ll often find his signature; his view of things.  He’s one of the most important and popular  Umbrian  graphic artists  born in Perugia but tifernate* by adoption. He has worked for years with the “Festival delle Nazioni”, and his are the images of the “Mostra del Fumetto”, the “Mostra del Libro Antico” and the Duomo Museum to name but a few. `The Mag’ spoke with Fabrizio Manis, who told […]

02 Sep 2014
Marco Bistarelli

chef Marco Bistarelli – CLIENTS ARE THE REAL STARS

Marco Bistarelli fifteen years ago he won a Michelin star, he has  climbed to the top of the prestigious association ‘Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe’,  and his restaurant  ‘Il Postale’ in Città di Castello was hugely popular. Then came the decision to transfer his business to the Castello di Monterone in Perugia. The Mag chatted with him about nouvelle cuisine, traditions, talent shows and food quality, and it can’t be said that Marco Bistarelli doesn’t know what he is talking about. A […]

05 Aug 2014
THE MAG - Isabelle Barciulli

Isabelle Barciulli – Good morning Princess

Isabelle Barciulli was born in Florence 28 years ago, but lives in Rome where she’s doing a degree in psychology. She’s a model, (being one of the ‘Next Door Model’ chosen by the photographer Emanuele Ferrari for GQ), and works in a pub;  but in her spare time, keys in hand, foot on the pedal and gear selected, she’s a successful rally driver.