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24 Jun 2019

Our Home – A warm nest, like wood

Gaia and Giovanni have been living in their home for a while. They prepared their “nest” while they were awaiting the birth of their baby girl. And in fact, their home is welcoming, sunny and easygoing. text by Lucia Fiorucci forniture Meozzi Mobili Helped by her mom’s good taste, they realized this project which reflects their needs and and their ideas of home perfectly. The softness of the rooms is mostly by the loft ceiling in wood and tile. It […]

15 Oct 2018
Andrea Luccioli mentre sorride


The summer is ending and a year has gone by. Oh no, my dear Stefano Rota and Stefano Righi (otherwise known as the Musical duo of the Righeria), your summer song from the 80s which torments our conversations from the end of August to the end of September, is a huge lie. Why? To make it to the end of the year we are still missing three months and two numbers of The Mag, including the one you are reading. […]

15 Oct 2018
Lenny in concerto a Città di Castello

Simply Lenny

By Helena Palazzoli Hi Lenny it is lovely to meet you and it is a pleasure to have you in Città di Castello. I hope you had a safe trip? «Yes, Yes thank you. Thank you for having us». After the worldwide success of your song Hell.o, who are you today and what projects are you currently working on? «An interesting question ‘who are you’, I am still trying to figure that out! Quite a lot! I guess I am […]

04 Oct 2018


The house is spacious and full of light. Serena, Emilio and little Sebastiano needed it to be on one level, with a garden. Text by Lucia Fiorucci Furniture Meozzi  bathrooms and tile Del Pia srl They have furnished it together, following their taste, gathering and selecting the many ideas they had for this beautiful space. They both like warm and welcoming spaces. The daytime area, designed around the couch Savoye di Desiree, is well organize thanks to a bookshelf that […]

20 Aug 2018


Sofia and Andrea have lived in their house for two months, they wanted to stay together in a place that was half way between both their parents. So they chose an apartment in the hills of Perugia, where, looking out the window, you can see Assisi. Article by Lucia Fiorucci – Interiors Meozzi Mobili They bought an empty apartment, to fill with their ideas and their love, accompanied every step by furnishing professionals. The whole house, is indeed an interlacing […]

16 Aug 2018
Casting the Castle - 2018

Casting the Castle – Civitella Ranieri Foundation

Last Saturday, June 30th, the Civitella Ranieri Foundation opened their regal space to the public, rich with history and, for this occasion, enhanced with activities directed towards giving back an unedited image. The 11th century castle was in fact, the location for Casting the Castle, a project that was conceived and developed by Saverio Verini, born out of the desire to sensitise the view and perception of the public about this small heritage of works, offering at the same time […]

24 Jun 2018


Giulio and Vale’s house  is in the hills of Perugia, in a panoramic location and convenient for them. They have been living here since November, after a long time of searching first and then working on it. New, they bought it without internal divisions, because they wanted to decide and design their space, according to their needs. Before furnishing the small villa, they visited the Salone del Mobile in Milan, a reference point for furnishing and design, which allowed them […]

14 Jun 2018
Alessandro Borghese sorridente mentre cucina

Alessandro Borghese

Alessandro Borghese is the celebrity of the moment. Or rather, the chef of the moment. Likeable face, dark curls, glasses and obligatory smile. His skill and pleasant nature have, in no time at all, conquered the world of social network and now the television with programs “Alessandro Borghese 4 Ristoranti” and “Kitchen Sound” in which on Sky One HD, he presents a recipe in five minutes. In the past weeks Borghese and his troop came to Umbria for 4 Ristoranti […]

06 Mar 2018
Matteo Casilli - la copertina di Musician

Matteo Casilli – MUSICIAN Author’s Portraits

Matteo Casilli is a young Roman photographer who has done something so simple that no one had thought of before: put the characters of the Italian music scene against the wall, get a camera and take portraits in black and white (261 of them!) to then make a book, beautiful, which is called “Musician“ by Andrea Luccioli Then those from Marvis Labl arrived, discographic label and artistic laboratory, who thought well to print Matteo’s project. It seems that this thing […]

29 Dec 2017

the colors of winter

by: mokacomunicazione, model: Martina Anderini, photo: Molotovstudio Post simili Our Home – A warm nest, like wood EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR NEW YEARS EVE? Simply Lenny Our Home – CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE LIFE IN COLOR SUMMER IS MAGIC Casting the Castle – Civitella Ranieri Foundation IMMERSED IN GREEN A VILLA OF MATERIALS AND DESIGN

21 Aug 2017

The White House

Up until a short time ago, Silvia and Riccardo’s apartment was an 80’s style car showroom. Thanks to the open layout of the old building, the space was divided into the most functional and interesting way possible. The ceilings have all been lowered to diminish the height of the commercial space and the rooms are well-lit by the large windows, made from scratch and shaded by automatic awnings in aluminum. by Lucia Fiorucci / style Meozzi Mobili They both love […]

27 Jun 2017

On the edge of ethics – Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli tells of his past «of when, we didn’t have a lira, but we were happy», and to the youth who are in search of work, he says: «Your CV? Better to bring it in person, ring the doorbell of the company and present yourself». By Cristina Crisci – photo of Brunello Cucinelli by Sante Castignani (on the top) & Atvreport (in the article) Brunello Cucinelli, with his lesson suspended between ethics, entrepreneur, philosophy of life and stock activity, […]

20 Apr 2017


The stage is a little bit like the second home of Damiano Zigrino, he lives it in the foreground as singer of the Jolebalalla and behind the scenes which are backgrounds to the stories of his puppets. But as for the music so is for the theatre of puppets, there is a long preparation before the art can go on stage; from the writing of the texts to the creation of the small and large characters in wood and foam […]

21 Feb 2017

Come back, ITALIA!

After almost more than half a life lived in London, a close couple full of experiences to tell has decided to spend their retirement in his native land, Tuscany. And so, less than a month ago, they have permanently moved to what will be their new “home” in Italy. by Lucia Fiorucci A ground floor apartment, young and modern looking. They confessed, in fact, that they had gotten tired of the old 70s furnishings and the light yellow and antique […]

11 Jan 2017

Space of Light

After a few series in the countryside, here we return to the city. Opening the doors of their apartment, just a little way from the historical center of Città di Castello, are Lucia and Davide, a young couple with a baby of just one year. We are immediately surprised at the wide and light space of the living area, a characteristic which immediately won over the owners of the house. by Lucia Fiorucci / furnish by Meozzi Mobili The apartment, very […]

10 Aug 2016


SPONSORED by: GIOEXCLUSIVE with: abiti e occhiali: CONAD SUPERSTORE Accessori: FANATIKERIE Scarpe: BATA Makeup: WYCON Borse: CARPISA Hairstyle: ARMONIE PARRUCCHIERI  Modelli: MODE AREZZO Location & negozi presenti nel redazionale: CASTELLO CENTRO COMMERCIALE ph: MOLOTOV STUDIO servizio: Mokacomunicazione Post simili Our Home – A warm nest, like wood EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR NEW YEARS EVE? Simply Lenny Our Home – CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE LIFE IN COLOR SUMMER IS MAGIC Casting the Castle – Civitella Ranieri Foundation IMMERSED IN GREEN A […]

10 Aug 2016


Hidden, reserved, on the top of a hill that faces the greenest and most brilliant part of the Upper Tiber River Valley. Here a marvelous villa of about 450 square metres appears, in the midst of a true and real earthly paradise of olive trees, roses and lavender. And to think that until about 2006, what is now a beautiful renovated country house was just a simple, abandoned ruins, as we can uncover still many in both Umbria and Tuscany. […]

22 Jun 2016


Since November of last year, Stefano e Roberta have decided to live in a lively urban area of the Upper Tiber River Valley. They have chosen a three-story townhouse, with a large basement room, living area and kitchen (plus a bathroom and other rooms) on the ground floor and the night area developed on the floor above. As soon as you enter you are surprised by the brightness of the room – thanks to a big window facing the garden […]

22 Jun 2016


A woman of many resources. A woman at the helm of a great Tiber Valley firm specializing in fixtures and doors (Bianchini Infissi, to be precise). A woman who, however doesn’t get frightened in a sector that is traditionally male and therefore often (but not always) chauvinist as well. We present you Lorenza Bianchini: strong, determined, one who always has a desire to learn new things when she is between one project and another, but who has very little free […]

20 Jun 2016


con: Make Up: BEAUTY FLOR Hair: BB STYLE Abiti: ALDO ALUIGI Scarpe: SCARPE DIEM ph: MOLOTOV STUDIO servizio: Mokacomunicazione model: Kamila Borici Post simili Our Home – A warm nest, like wood EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR NEW YEARS EVE? Simply Lenny Our Home – CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE LIFE IN COLOR SUMMER IS MAGIC Casting the Castle – Civitella Ranieri Foundation IMMERSED IN GREEN A VILLA OF MATERIALS AND DESIGN

13 Apr 2016


Entering in Andrea Lensi’s home, one has the impression that even the canvases are not enough to contain the forms and colors that characterize his works. Lamps, cushions, old advertising posters and even the dinner table, every surface becomes a work of art and at the same time a piece of furnishing, it is an art that is destined to be used every day, just as in the pop tradition. By Claudia Belli «I am decisively a pop artist. My […]

13 Apr 2016


Maybe not everyone knows “Io vivo in”, a Made in Italy brand that is represented by a small boar printed on shirts and many other gadgets…well, it is about one of the most clamorous entrepreneurial cases in recent years and it came out of the Tuscan  Tiber Valley; only in 2015, the brand sold 15,000 t-shirt and 10,000 stuffed boar toys. This success is the result of the intuition of Ottavia Pittini and her husband Nicola. We meet Ottavia in […]

13 Apr 2016


Imagine entering a virtually abandoned building, visualizing how it could be, discovering beautiful frescoes probably dating from the Renaissance, and then restoring it to create a comfortable, elegant and genuine home. In this issue of Our Home, a young creative couple did exactly that. It was no easy task it must be said, but they decided to restore an apartment in the historical centre, in which they saw its huge potential. Often, with intuition and good taste, you can get […]

12 Apr 2016

You are not real

con: Abiti: GIO EXLUSIVE Make Up: BEAUTY FLOR estetica e bellezza Hair: BB STYLE model: Rachele Calogeri Post simili Our Home – A warm nest, like wood EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR NEW YEARS EVE? Simply Lenny Our Home – CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE LIFE IN COLOR SUMMER IS MAGIC Casting the Castle – Civitella Ranieri Foundation IMMERSED IN GREEN A VILLA OF MATERIALS AND DESIGN

12 Apr 2016


  with: Make Up: ANNA CLUB – SALUTE E BELLEZZA Hair: RIFLESSO Gioielli: LUPIN GIOIELLI Accessori: FUTILE, Abiti: CORSO 40, MOODY’S, CUCCIAIONI SARTORIA, I 3 BACI DELLA COCCINELLA, MICLA Scarpe: NOVECENTO, MICLA Occhiali: OTTICA 2M Forniture: SiSi antiquariato Location: Castello Bufalini ph: Elisa Imperi Styling: Margherita Gardella servizio: Mokacomunicazione model: Melissa Patriarchi, Daphne Morelli, Lucia Borghini Post simili Our Home – A warm nest, like wood EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR NEW YEARS EVE? Simply Lenny Our Home – CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE […]

12 Apr 2016

Fashion editorial – eyes wide open

with: Make Up: ANNA CLUB – SALUTE E BELLEZZA Hair: FREESTYLE acconciature jewelry: GIOIELLERIA CHIATTI accessories: FUTILE, HAND MADE, DIVERTISSEMENT clothes: ALDO ALUIGI, AUGUSTA ABBIGLIAMENTO, COSMOPOLITAN, CASH AND CASH Shoes: NOVECENTO Glasses: OTTICA 2M Location: Alberto’s, Lava Bio ph: Emanuele Vanni, Giovanna Rossi Styling: Margherita Gardella servizio: Mokacomunicazione model: Charo Gallura, Valentina Cucchiarini Post simili Our Home – A warm nest, like wood EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR NEW YEARS EVE? Simply Lenny Our Home – CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE LIFE […]

19 Feb 2016


In a quiet, green hilly area, not very far from the inhabited center, there lies the ‘villetta’, chosen for this issue of Our Home, that since last September has been lived in by a family of four. The home, with an independent entry, obviously, is on two levels: it is energy-efficient thanks to lights and led located in various places (take note of the spotlights and led strips), floor heating, the photovoltaic panels and solar panels. By Marco Polchi On the […]

07 Jan 2016


It was 1958 when her father Silvio Nardi, entrepreneur in the mechanical agricultural sector in the Upper Tiber River Valley, produced the first bottle of “Brunello di Montalcino” from the winery of the Casale del Bosco. In 1985 Emilia Nardi began working in the company, the youngest daughter,  and she began working in management in 1990. She, together with her brothers decided to introduce radical changes in the wine production process and in the company management: she gave the go-ahead […]

21 Dec 2015
Alessandro Bacchetta - Raffaello

Alessandro Bacchetta – “The genius of Raphael my story”

Alessandro Bacchetta is a young cartoonist from the Tiber Valley. He studies you with his look and his words are assured but he has  a natural and humble way about him. He graduated from the International School of Comics in Florence and in Literature at the University of Siena, and has got a position at the Palazzo del Podesta in Città di Castello, several national competitions, (including  Lanciano nel Fumetto and the Lucca Project Contest) and “Una stanza tutta per […]

10 Dec 2015

A ship in the city

The apartment to which a couple moved just a few months ago with two children is very new. The soft, sinuous lines that characterize the structure of the small villa are visible even from the outside. by Lucia Fiorucci The architecture mixes with the design of the furnishings, some custommade, others chosen with care and taste. The curves of the walls and of the particulars are harmonious with the materials and the light, which comes in abundance through the large […]