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24 Jun 2019

Our Home – A warm nest, like wood

Gaia and Giovanni have been living in their home for a while. They prepared their “nest” while they were awaiting the birth of their baby girl. And in fact, their home is welcoming, sunny and easygoing. text by Lucia Fiorucci forniture Meozzi Mobili Helped by her mom’s good taste, they realized this project which reflects their needs and and their ideas of home perfectly. The softness of the rooms is mostly by the loft ceiling in wood and tile. It […]

04 Oct 2018


The house is spacious and full of light. Serena, Emilio and little Sebastiano needed it to be on one level, with a garden. Text by Lucia Fiorucci Furniture Meozzi  bathrooms and tile Del Pia srl They have furnished it together, following their taste, gathering and selecting the many ideas they had for this beautiful space. They both like warm and welcoming spaces. The daytime area, designed around the couch Savoye di Desiree, is well organize thanks to a bookshelf that […]

20 Aug 2018


Sofia and Andrea have lived in their house for two months, they wanted to stay together in a place that was half way between both their parents. So they chose an apartment in the hills of Perugia, where, looking out the window, you can see Assisi. Article by Lucia Fiorucci – Interiors Meozzi Mobili They bought an empty apartment, to fill with their ideas and their love, accompanied every step by furnishing professionals. The whole house, is indeed an interlacing […]

24 Jun 2018


Giulio and Vale’s house  is in the hills of Perugia, in a panoramic location and convenient for them. They have been living here since November, after a long time of searching first and then working on it. New, they bought it without internal divisions, because they wanted to decide and design their space, according to their needs. Before furnishing the small villa, they visited the Salone del Mobile in Milan, a reference point for furnishing and design, which allowed them […]

06 Mar 2018


The idea was to have a house on two levels, but able to be used as if it were only one. At a stone’s throw from the city walls, in the beginning the liveable spaces were developed on one floor, where a living area was created, while the attic which was a loft, changed its look, becoming a bedroom. All of it was patterned after an idea of continuity in shapes, materials and colors, where white respects them all, diminishing […]

22 Dec 2017


The strong point of this place is the view of the landscape, and to make sure that it is the true protagonist of the house, thanks to the large openings to the outdoors, the owners wanted essential and minimal furnishings to which they matched some elements of traditional furniture, with colors that are in harmony with the tone of the structure of the house. To make the country house more contemporary with its traditional structure in stones and wood beams, […]

21 Aug 2017

The White House

Up until a short time ago, Silvia and Riccardo’s apartment was an 80’s style car showroom. Thanks to the open layout of the old building, the space was divided into the most functional and interesting way possible. The ceilings have all been lowered to diminish the height of the commercial space and the rooms are well-lit by the large windows, made from scratch and shaded by automatic awnings in aluminum. by Lucia Fiorucci / style Meozzi Mobili They both love […]

21 Feb 2017

Come back, ITALIA!

After almost more than half a life lived in London, a close couple full of experiences to tell has decided to spend their retirement in his native land, Tuscany. And so, less than a month ago, they have permanently moved to what will be their new “home” in Italy. by Lucia Fiorucci A ground floor apartment, young and modern looking. They confessed, in fact, that they had gotten tired of the old 70s furnishings and the light yellow and antique […]

11 Jan 2017

Space of Light

After a few series in the countryside, here we return to the city. Opening the doors of their apartment, just a little way from the historical center of Città di Castello, are Lucia and Davide, a young couple with a baby of just one year. We are immediately surprised at the wide and light space of the living area, a characteristic which immediately won over the owners of the house. by Lucia Fiorucci / furnish by Meozzi Mobili The apartment, very […]

10 Aug 2016


Hidden, reserved, on the top of a hill that faces the greenest and most brilliant part of the Upper Tiber River Valley. Here a marvelous villa of about 450 square metres appears, in the midst of a true and real earthly paradise of olive trees, roses and lavender. And to think that until about 2006, what is now a beautiful renovated country house was just a simple, abandoned ruins, as we can uncover still many in both Umbria and Tuscany. […]

22 Jun 2016


Since November of last year, Stefano e Roberta have decided to live in a lively urban area of the Upper Tiber River Valley. They have chosen a three-story townhouse, with a large basement room, living area and kitchen (plus a bathroom and other rooms) on the ground floor and the night area developed on the floor above. As soon as you enter you are surprised by the brightness of the room – thanks to a big window facing the garden […]

13 Apr 2016


Imagine entering a virtually abandoned building, visualizing how it could be, discovering beautiful frescoes probably dating from the Renaissance, and then restoring it to create a comfortable, elegant and genuine home. In this issue of Our Home, a young creative couple did exactly that. It was no easy task it must be said, but they decided to restore an apartment in the historical centre, in which they saw its huge potential. Often, with intuition and good taste, you can get […]

19 Feb 2016


In a quiet, green hilly area, not very far from the inhabited center, there lies the ‘villetta’, chosen for this issue of Our Home, that since last September has been lived in by a family of four. The home, with an independent entry, obviously, is on two levels: it is energy-efficient thanks to lights and led located in various places (take note of the spotlights and led strips), floor heating, the photovoltaic panels and solar panels. By Marco Polchi On the […]

10 Dec 2015

A ship in the city

The apartment to which a couple moved just a few months ago with two children is very new. The soft, sinuous lines that characterize the structure of the small villa are visible even from the outside. by Lucia Fiorucci The architecture mixes with the design of the furnishings, some custommade, others chosen with care and taste. The curves of the walls and of the particulars are harmonious with the materials and the light, which comes in abundance through the large […]

22 Oct 2015


by Lucia Fiorucci It’s a small villa in the Tiber Valley countryside, the one where Sonia and Gianluca have been living for a few days, right after their return from their honeymoon. The work had begun many years ago, under the supervision of Gianluca and thanks to the expert hands of his uncle. Then Sonia came in and besides giving a very feminine touch, she was fundamental in choosing furnishings and finishings. If Gianluca loves black, then Sonia likes warm […]

18 Aug 2015

The White House

Besides the stone stairway, one can also reach the second floor of Palazzo Tartarini in the glass and white aluminium lift, with its parquet floor and mirror on the back wall. The elevator comes out directly in the kitchen thus becoming an indispensable part of the furniture. by Lucia Fiorucci The apartment is part of a palazzo which dates back to 1200, and was bought a few years ago by Elena’s parents. The building was in a major state of […]

19 Jun 2015

Our Home – Country Loft

The novelty of this house can be seen from the outside. Set in the middle of a wooded hillside, the stairs leading up to the entrance are rooved with long wooden strips, useful both in summer and winter to absorb the strongest rays of the sun or protect from the most inclement weather.  On the top floor we find ourselves in a residential complex over three levels, in classic 80’s style. The apartment, built by demolishing an old attic and […]

17 Apr 2015

Our Home – Comfortable ELEGANCE

An old, closed and oppressive apartment has recently been converted by a young couple with two children, into a bright and cosy apartment. The living area has become a bright open space with large windows containing, almost without interruption, the kitchen, dining room, living room and study – giving a sense of continuity to the spaces; the dark wooden floors throughout the apartment provide visual continuity. The grey Modulnova kitchen is very practical, and the greys and browns of the […]

18 Feb 2015


In Citta di Castello’s historic town centre, a sixteenth century building has regained its former glory thanks to the research and commitment of Cecilia. Over the years the residence had become a maze of divisions that concealed its true nature. Not being afraid to experiment, she has managed, with the help of an architect, to infuse the ancient soul of Palazzo Tiberti with a contemporary spirit. The result is an elegant, 3 story home; on the first is the living area, […]

17 Dec 2014

Games of Light – Our Home

Three years ago, a family of four (husband, wife and two daughters), decided to swop their small apartment for a much more spacious one. This allowed them to give free rein to their desire for space and comfort. Convenience and ease of management were the basis for their choice of home. The living area is very spacious and bright, thanks to a large window overlooking a lovely park and the sophisticated play of light on the ceiling. The protagonists here […]

17 Oct 2014

Blue Design – Our Home

Riccardo and Luciana chose a late ‘70s apartment for their first home as a married couple. With Architect Eleonora Ricci from Città di Castello, they demolished the abundant interior partitions, sanded and treated the original parquet flooring, and renovated the apartment according to contemporary trends in design, and their needs and tastes as a young couple. The living area has become a large and functional open space, where the colour blue acts as a unifier. The kitchen has large counters […]

01 Sep 2014

From Mexico to Tuscany – Our Home the Mag N11

text by Lucia Fiorucci Even from the entrance cloister of this portion of the Convent of Mary Magdalene, the atmosphere is enticing, and is made even more fascinating by the layers of history, culture and architectural details that Ricardo Mendez has used in creating his apartment, whilst leaving the original structure visible. The winning idea of the Mexican photographer was to create both intimate and permeable spaces, such as with the passage way. Too large to be just a thoroughfare, […]

21 Jun 2013

Our Home – Josh & Virginia

Josh Bacon is perhaps the most handsome man in the valley. His good looks and ready smile make him particularly pleasant to be around. His landscaping business “Joshua Tree Gardens” has put him in regular contact with people from both the foreign and local communities and this is one of the things we like about him here at The Mag. Josh is married to the lovely Virginia, and together they live in a beautiful countryside home in the Monterchi area […]

09 Apr 2013

Our Home – Michele Thyne

In 2004 an Exodus of U.S citizens was reported in the media. Michele Thyne was among this number of discontented citizens. They were essentially frustrated by the political situation: the second election of George W. Bush as President; the creeping infringement of civil liberties implied in the Patriot Act which followed the 9/11 attacks; 30 years of hard won environmental law being weakened, and a war in Iraq started under false pretenses. “It was leave, or contract high blood pressure.” […]

18 Dec 2012

Arthur Hunter Blair

Imagine the studio of an artist who rejected the art scene in England twenty five years ago, escaped to Italy and went into a relative state of isolation with the singular purpose of producing his art. Each completed piece of work, after an impressive series of elaborate and expensive processes (including being printed on his own antique printing press) is put into its private hiding place, away from the eyes of the world.  After so many years of production there is not […]

18 Dec 2012

Our Home – Gilly & Gordon

There is a reason why we at The Mag love Gilly and Gordon so much. They are positively overflowing  with ideas for creating more unity in our community and improving our part of central Italy. So we are real pleased to have the chance to feature their home in this Christmas and New Year edition of the ”Our Home” section. They have an unusual amount of experience building homes, and all of their homes have been photographed for important magazines. […]

10 Oct 2012

Our Home – Gianni and Angelina

This young, energetic couple have restructured their antique farm house into a spectacle of modernity! We love the contradiction of the exterior appearance and the interior functionality. Their variety of art: paintings from local painters; famous ones too; photgraphs;  sculpture. Instead of exclusively embracing the local flavor, their interior design could be mistaken for a New York City aparment on Central Park West.  There is a taste of many different cultures instead of a concentration of Italian themes. We hope […]