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06 Mar 2018
Matteo Casilli - la copertina di Musician

Matteo Casilli – MUSICIAN Author’s Portraits

Matteo Casilli is a young Roman photographer who has done something so simple that no one had thought of before: put the characters of the Italian music scene against the wall, get a camera and take portraits in black and white (261 of them!) to then make a book, beautiful, which is called “Musician“ by Andrea Luccioli Then those from Marvis Labl arrived, discographic label and artistic laboratory, who thought well to print Matteo’s project. It seems that this thing […]

29 Dec 2017

the colors of winter

by: mokacomunicazione, model: Martina Anderini, photo: Molotovstudio

21 Aug 2017

The White House

Up until a short time ago, Silvia and Riccardo’s apartment was an 80’s style car showroom. Thanks to the open layout of the old building, the space was divided into the most functional and interesting way possible. The ceilings have all been lowered to diminish the height of the commercial space and the rooms are well-lit by the large windows, made from scratch and shaded by automatic awnings in aluminum. by Lucia Fiorucci / style Meozzi Mobili They both love […]

10 Aug 2016


SPONSORED by: GIOEXCLUSIVE with: abiti e occhiali: CONAD SUPERSTORE Accessori: FANATIKERIE Scarpe: BATA Makeup: WYCON Borse: CARPISA Hairstyle: ARMONIE PARRUCCHIERI  Modelli: MODE AREZZO Location & negozi presenti nel redazionale: CASTELLO CENTRO COMMERCIALE ph: MOLOTOV STUDIO servizio: Mokacomunicazione

10 Aug 2016


Hidden, reserved, on the top of a hill that faces the greenest and most brilliant part of the Upper Tiber River Valley. Here a marvelous villa of about 450 square metres appears, in the midst of a true and real earthly paradise of olive trees, roses and lavender. And to think that until about 2006, what is now a beautiful renovated country house was just a simple, abandoned ruins, as we can uncover still many in both Umbria and Tuscany. […]

24 Jun 2016

The shape of water

A competitive spirit, love of the sport, but above all friendship and a desire to be together.  These are the ingredients of the Upper Tiber Valley Polisport swimmers’ group : a close-knit team that brings together people of all ages, from 20 to nearly 80 years old. by Marco Montedori – ph: Enrico Pauselli It’s a diverse partnership that boasts a history of over 30 years, explains one of the leaders, Valentino Cerrotti. Its origins date back to the early eighties, […]

20 Jun 2016


con: Make Up: BEAUTY FLOR Hair: BB STYLE Abiti: ALDO ALUIGI Scarpe: SCARPE DIEM ph: MOLOTOV STUDIO servizio: Mokacomunicazione model: Kamila Borici

13 Apr 2016


The tables are in position, set up by coach and athletes, you hear a deaf sound though entrancing of little balls hit like lightning. They are small realities, often little known, that work with little trace. Realities that however count in terms of sports and humans, who bring Italian titles to the board (the last one won in February by an 11 year old Alessandra Ugolini in the category “giovanissime”) and they unite athletes and followers – women and men- […]

13 Apr 2016


Imagine entering a virtually abandoned building, visualizing how it could be, discovering beautiful frescoes probably dating from the Renaissance, and then restoring it to create a comfortable, elegant and genuine home. In this issue of Our Home, a young creative couple did exactly that. It was no easy task it must be said, but they decided to restore an apartment in the historical centre, in which they saw its huge potential. Often, with intuition and good taste, you can get […]

12 Apr 2016

You are not real

con: Abiti: GIO EXLUSIVE Make Up: BEAUTY FLOR estetica e bellezza Hair: BB STYLE model: Rachele Calogeri

12 Apr 2016


  with: Make Up: ANNA CLUB – SALUTE E BELLEZZA Hair: RIFLESSO Gioielli: LUPIN GIOIELLI Accessori: FUTILE, Abiti: CORSO 40, MOODY’S, CUCCIAIONI SARTORIA, I 3 BACI DELLA COCCINELLA, MICLA Scarpe: NOVECENTO, MICLA Occhiali: OTTICA 2M Forniture: SiSi antiquariato Location: Castello Bufalini ph: Elisa Imperi Styling: Margherita Gardella servizio: Mokacomunicazione model: Melissa Patriarchi, Daphne Morelli, Lucia Borghini

12 Apr 2016

Fashion editorial – eyes wide open

with: Make Up: ANNA CLUB – SALUTE E BELLEZZA Hair: FREESTYLE acconciature jewelry: GIOIELLERIA CHIATTI accessories: FUTILE, HAND MADE, DIVERTISSEMENT clothes: ALDO ALUIGI, AUGUSTA ABBIGLIAMENTO, COSMOPOLITAN, CASH AND CASH Shoes: NOVECENTO Glasses: OTTICA 2M Location: Alberto’s, Lava Bio ph: Emanuele Vanni, Giovanna Rossi Styling: Margherita Gardella servizio: Mokacomunicazione model: Charo Gallura, Valentina Cucchiarini