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2015 will be the year of Alberto Burri, celebrating the centenary of his birth with a series of events. These will include a retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, (subsequently to show in Germany and Italy), a conference and summit of international artists as an original and symbolic moment of celebration in Città di Castello.

The restoration and completion of ‘Cretto Gibellina’ accompanied by a Palermo festival in Riso; the reconstruction of the ‘Teatro Continuo’ in Milan’s Parco Sempione, the publication of a general catalogue of the artist’s works and production of a film dedicated to him.


Among the events planned are:


‘AU RENDEZ-VOUS DES AMIS’ (after the famous painting by Max Ernst, 1922). About 50 diverse artists from different countries have been invited by a scientific committee to meet in Città di Castello to debate and discuss the state of contemporary art. The meeting will take place across work tables in order to arouse the interest of the artists and the public, who will be admitted to listen in on different topics related to today’s art.


SOLOMON GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM – NEW YORK. A retrospective exhibition of works by Alberto Burri,(curated by Emily Braun), will feature here from 15th October 2015 until mid-January 2016. With more than 100 works, it’s the largest and most comprehensive ever produced in the U.S. from a museum of contemporary art. The Solomon Guggenheim Museum has been working for two years together with the Palazzo Albertini Foundation to create this retrospective. After opening in New York, the exhibition will travel to museums in Germany and Italy.


THE ‘CRETTO GIBELLINA’. Thirty years after the start of this colossal work, the Burri ‘Cretto Gibellina’ will be completed. The reopening of the site will bring about the finalization of the ‘Great Cretto’, as conceived and defined by Burri, and recently took place, making the work ready for the centenary. The work, started in 1985 but interrupted in 1989, currently covers about 65,000 square meters compared with the envisioned 85,000. The Region of Sicily in conjunction with the Burri Foundation, has decided to complete the remaining 20,000 square meters of this great work of land art.


PIERO AT A GLANCE. A perfect meeting between Burri and Piero della Francesca will take place in the Civic Art Gallery and at Palazzo Inghirami in Sansepolcro, from 19th September to 19th October.


THE CONTINUO THEATRE REBORN. During the Triennale in 1973, Burri designed and built the permanent work ‘Teatro Continuo’, a scenic platform that became an integral part of Parco Sempione in Milan, and an ideal link between the Filarete tower of Castello Sforzesco and the Peace Arch. It represents a free site for outdoor performances based in the heart of Milan. However, in 1989 the municipality decided to demolish it. On the occasion of the Centenary, the Burri Foundation has made the original drawings of the work available in order to allow its reconstruction. The Foundation and NCTM Law Firm will give the reborn ‘Teatro Continuo’ to the City of Milan and its Fondazione La Triennale.


The programme for the celebration has been developed thanks to the collaboration of several local authorities, including Region, Province, City and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Città di Castello, under the aegis of the Ministry of Heritage, Cultural activities and Tourism.

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