Chef Enzo Neri’s Recipe – the Mag N8

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Chef Enzo Neri‘s Recipe – the Mag N8

Swordfish carpaccio, orange zests, fennel, pine-nuts and citrus dressing


80 g swordfish loin

1/2 Orange

2 g pine-nuts

1/2 fennel

1 Lemon

Tomato concasse

Mixed leaves

Oil, Salt and pepper


Peel an orange. Use half of it. Cut the ends off a seedless orange just far enough to expose the flesh. Place orange cut end down and cut away the peel. Cut away as little of the peel as possible by following the orange’s shape. Using a sharp knife cut along the inside of the membranes that separate the orange segments. Slice only down to the center of the orange.

Continue around entire orange cutting out each section, leaving the membrane. To make the dressing, squeeze the rest of the orange and one lemon together and with a whisk mix with extra virgin olive oil adding salt and pepper. Clean up a fennel bulb and slice it finely. Mix it with leaves and dress it up with salt, pepper and the citrus dressing.

Toast the pine-nuts with a pan on a high flame for 2 minutes. In the end chop the tomatoes in small cubes.

Slice thinly the swordfish and place it onto a plate. Season it with salt and pepper and a drizzle of the dressing. Top it with the fennel and mix leaves, pine-nuts, tomato concasse and the orange segments. Ready to serve.

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