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by Lucia Fiorucci

It’s a small villa in the Tiber Valley countryside, the one where Sonia and Gianluca have been living for a few days, right after their return from their honeymoon. The work had begun many years ago, under the supervision of Gianluca and thanks to the expert hands of his uncle.

Then Sonia came in and besides giving a very feminine touch, she was fundamental in choosing furnishings and finishings. If Gianluca loves black, then Sonia likes warm colours and neutrals. These two tendencies are harmonized all throughout the house, and as these two do, they co-exist and are great together. In the living room Gianluca took the best, with the Cantori console, using a sinuous line and a black lacquered TV cabinet.

Sonia instead is proud of the very comfortable beige leather sofa. Together they have chosen a wall finishing behind the sofa and the television: a very white quartz, with scintillating shades.

The kitchen, instead Sonia chose with the main idea of having a welcoming yet functional space. So while the texture of the wood cabinets combines with the Bisacca mosaic, the countertop in quartz is very practical.

All of the floors are in oak, the kind of flooring of times past, thick and robust. The colour of honey, the wood gives warmth to all the rooms, already large and well-lit. The same wood as the floors was used as a frame for the railing in crystal for the stairs going down to the basement and going above to the landing by  the bedrooms.


Sonia goes crazy for light and sparkles. Both the lamps and the wall lights are done with drops of glass that play interesting light games in the day area and the night area. The quartz wall in the living room depending on the light creates brilliant and luminous shade variations. It isn’t difficult then to find here and there sparkling and feminine details.

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