Come back, ITALIA!

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After almost more than half a life lived in London, a close couple full of experiences to tell has decided to spend their retirement in his native land, Tuscany. And so, less than a month ago, they have permanently moved to what will be their new “home” in Italy.

by Lucia Fiorucci

A ground floor apartment, young and modern looking. They confessed, in fact, that they had gotten tired of the old 70s furnishings and the light yellow and antique rose walls of their English home.

So, the living area is an wide open space, where the walls are very white and the ceilings have a nice play of false ceilings and illumination. This solution, studied by one of the two children of the couple – an Architect in London- is very effective for ideally subdividing the living area from the dining area. Here we find the Air di LAGO table, with the top in seasoned wood which wakes up the sense of touch and emotions. The legs are of crystal, invisible. The wood is recalled in the details of the madia – a chest for making bread-, which with its black lacquer sends us back to the beautiful Nur Gloss by Artemide, the lamp in the shape of a large bell, black and shiny.

The kitchen, even though it is smaller than the one in England, is functional and practical. It is also very beautiful, with the cabinets of the column in glass and the counter in porcelain grey which recalls the color of the island’s stools. The grey of the upholstery in cotton of the Freemood by Desiree couch highlights the bright yellow and the dark wood of the outfitted walls of the living area.

The bedroom is comfortable with the headboard of the stuffed bed and the Flat wardrobe by Caccaro, customizable in the dimensions of the doors.


Even though the desire is for newness and change, the bookcase is full of old English books and vinyl records. Chuck Berry is her favourite, while he adores Cohen. And here and there in the house you can discover antique objects and furniture. Like the very British clock over the island in the kitchen. Or the dark wood china cabinet in the living room and the vanity in the bedroom which was from her mother. They are memories of London. And of their history.

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