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Surely summer is the time that smiles most on music lovers.

The number and the quality of the events, the open-air concert spaces, the longer days and the possibility of organizing your time better are opportunities so rich for a good rock n’roller not to take advantage.

But in these multi-coloured hot summer days not everyone knows that there is an Italian pearl that is envied by Europe and maybe even in other continents, a real and true oasis of sea, music and healthy fun: Beach Hana Bi 72 at Marina di Ravenna.



They don’t have anything against the others, but it is difficult to find a more enjoyable beach, attentive to the quality of the musical suggestions, where the collective soul makes the summer atmosphere magical transforming the concept of beach in a place that brings people together in cultural interest beyond comparison. Since 2004, thanks to the “Bronson Productions” this bath-house surrounded by an age-old pine forest and sandy dunes covered in vegetation, offers a large beach setting with all the comforts for the old and the young.

Then the evening… transforms into a kind of seaside capital with indie music as host, under the canopy during the entire summer holiday season (which goes from May to September), free exhibitions with a large variety of great bands from Italy and internationally.

Music for everyone’s tastes, from rock to folk, pop to electronic, all the way to jazz and experimental music, alternating cultural meetings with writers and journalists, films, and thematic dinners with Slow Food. If what has been said up until now is not enough, then add the relaxing rhythms during the day, the non-obsessive search for extreme entertainment, the intertwining presence of men and women of all ages, the possibility of enjoying the waves alone, with your friends or with family. And with all these ingredients there is nothing left to do but immerse yourself in this spell!

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