CONTOURING “Natural Chic”

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Contouring is a make-up technique by which any lack of facial harmony is altered using a play of light and shadow; to create volume where there is none, to flatten where necessary, to raise or lower the cheekbones, reduce or enlarge the eyes… in short, it’s a kind of real Photoshop! The term contouring indicates darkening and shading, while the term highlighting indicates the clear zone, the light areas.

It’s a technique borrowed from the art world: think of the ‘Chiaroscuro’ of Michelangelo’s portraits. Tempting, isn’t it?

I see two methods for achieving this: ‘Star’ Contouring and ‘Natural Chic’ contouring.

The first is mainly used by models, actresses, and those in the entertainment industry.
The results are certainly amazing for a “starry night”, in which every woman aspires to be unforgettable on these important occasions, but they’re certainly not suitable for everyday life.

The second method, however, is designed for a make-up which enhances one’s natural beauty in a sophisticated and elegant way, creating an image of rare harmony in the natural light of day, whilst always taking into account different face, eye and lip shapes.

Today I will show you the necessary steps for creating ‘Natural Chic’ contouring.
Maria Chiara ‘stars’ in this tutorial.

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