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Twenty years after the essential Marlene Kuntz debut album Catartica, Cristiano Godano (lead singer of the band), inspired, ready to go and armed with personality, acoustic guitar lyrics and a story to tell, has bared himself for Third Time – a meeting organized by the Effetto K association. Here’s what happened on the evening of Saturday May 9th in Sansepolcro; in three chapters.

by Michele Corgnoli – ph: Valeria Pierini

Pop and song writing

In an initially very introspective atmosphere, Cristiano Godano touched on the question of a definition of the term ‘pop’; from the clever stuff, to that by some underground bands with negative meaning. It was noted that perhaps all ‘light’ music, including rock, could be categorized as pop and that intellectual stimulation should be sought elsewhere. This brings us to an important question: what does it mean to write a song? «I like to fly high and think that writing a song is not a divine gift»,  says Godano. «You don’t write a brilliant one in five minutes. I like to think that a great song is the result of a series of thoughts and second thoughts, like all creative processes are». It’s a process that the Piedmontese artist has been through for the bluesy and ethereal song Canzone che scrivo per te, the first performance of the evening, whose passionate verses transport the public to dizzy heights, and gives of his ‘mysterious essence’ – (to paraphrase the song’s lyrics which was performed with Skin from Skunk Anansie in 2000).


The passage of time; lieve

Godano also talked about the many famous rock stars who died in the early months of 2016, from David Bowie to Lemmy from Motorhead and Prince. «I’ve never been a fan of the three you mentioned, though I say this with humility. Prince was a genius and played guitar like a funky Hendrix. Lemmy was a “badass” character and represented true rock ‘n’ roll. Bowie imposed his own aesthetic, his vision and will be remembered for many reasons, including his class and intellectual curiosity. When a great artist dies – continues Godano – it strikes me that when he died he still had things to say. Think about the way in which Bowie left the scene; it’s like he staged his death».  Lieve follows, the song that many believe is from Giovanni Lindo Ferretti’s CSI for the nice version they did on their acoustic album, soon after Catartica came out. Then it’s time for the sensual and much anticipated Danza, taken from Senza Peso. Then another piece: Ti giro intorno, with acoustic guitar played with a fury to match the rough voice.

Cristiano Godano plays the guitar

Blank pages and inspiration

In the final part of the event the Marlene Kuntz leader also spoke about art and inspiration. «Comparing yourself with some opus, be it a film, painting, performance or a photograph, can be an aesthetic revelation. If  I read a book, a sentence might give me shivers down my spine. The content of a poetic intuition, a fertile connection with work that stimulates me at some point turns on a desire to create, which in some strange kind of analogy leads me to my vision of the thing. This is inspiration:  something tangible, an inner blaze, something different from the norm…». And so on, in a cascade. Godano plays the beautiful Osja, amore mio – a song about the wife of a Russian poet in exile who learns all his poems by heart, in terror that the Stalinist police might destroy them – followed by the much applauded Nuotando nell’aria, Notte, Canzone per un figlio and finally Musa – sweet and inspired. How could it be anything else.

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