Devilled kidneys – Chef Enzo Neri

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The Mag has already met Enzo Neri in the previous issue:


Today he has a new international recipe.

Devilled kidneys is a Victorian British breakfast dish consisting of lamb’s kidneys cooked in a spiced sauce, referred to as “devilling”. It has since become more frequently used as a supper-time dish, and is regularly featured in cookbooks and by celebrity chefs.

My version is with an italian twist, pan fried with rosemary and over a sauteed mushroom and spring onion served with a black truffle paste bruschetta (instead of over a simple toast).


100 g Lamb kidneys, 20 g veg stock, 70 g mushrooms,

20 g truffle paste, 10 ml Extra virgin olive oil, 35 g butter,

1 stalk of spring onion, 1 garlic clove, 1 slice of toasted bread, parsley, rosemary, pepper, salt, chili.


Peel the garlic clove, pour olive oil into a pan, add chopped spring onions, garlic and mushrooms and saute till soft. Side apart.

In another pan, add 20 g of butter and olive oil, rosemary and chili and pan fry the lamb kidney (cut in half and cleaned of the central fat) in both side till nice and brown.

Poor the veg stock and the rest of the butter to make an emulsion.

Toast the bread and spread the truffle paste on top of it.

Place the mushroom on the plate, top with the kidney, the bruschetta and sprinkle with the butter emulsion and parsley.

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