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Forget the saccharine sweet London version of Eva Santucci. Forget about her soft look, the chignon and red apples. ‘The Mag’ has rethought her beauty, disassembling and reassembling her image as if it were a game.

ph: Emanuele Vanni


Eva Santucci - the MagEva Santucci - the Mag Eva Santucci - the Mag Eva Santucci - the Mag Eva Santucci - the Mag Eva Santucci - the Mag

A must see; long dresses in soft, atmospheric places that tell the story of the night…
The New Year has started well for Eva. She is now on YouTube with her first music video (by Lorenzo Lombardi and filmed in London) and her single “Solo per me” will be included on her debut album “Italian Beauty” which she’s currently working on. A romantic London is the background for the video. «It is a modern fairy tale – says Eva – two lovers on a treasure hunt in the fascinating English capital».

At the same time as filming Eva was also the star of the event organized by Ruco Line (the brand who wanted her as the face of the reopening of the store at the centre of the UK capital). Alberto Brizzi and Marco Capaccioni also collaborated on the single, recording it at their studio “Sound Studio Service”, alongside Francesco Bruni, Lino De Rosa, Antonello Migliosi, Pier Paolo Ermanno Ferroni and the song writer Stefano Stinchi.
Eva’s very sophisticated and elegant style is thanks to the internationally famed stylist Joseph Roveto who has worked for Twentieth Century Fox and various famous singers.

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IGI Hair by Gagnoli
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