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The summer is ending and a year has gone by.

Oh no, my dear Stefano Rota and Stefano Righi (otherwise known as the Musical duo of the Righeria), your summer song from the 80s which torments our conversations from the end of August to the end of September, is a huge lie.

Why? To make it to the end of the year we are still missing three months and two numbers of The Mag, including the one you are reading.

You will say, all this preamble just for a little publicity?

Not exactly, in reality I wanted to take it out on the one-hit-wonders of the summer but I didn’t know how.

So in the hope of having a pleasant indian summer, the good news is that we left all those songs that were drilled into our ears and mind behind us. Most likely to sell us some kind of very good phone plan.

All is over.

At least until next summer. But don’t think you got away with it: get ready for the great classics of the season, especially on the pages of social networks:

the first pictures of the rain with a melancholic quote, the funny guy who starts to make jokes about New Years, the nostalgic one who posts vacation photos adding the standard phrase “It was better here” to not speak of those who curse those who curse the heat, those who book their holidays in the Caribbean in December and want to let those who are already thinking of a Christmas tree know.

What a pain! To lighten all this up, we thought of a very rich menu to leaf thru as you like, when you want to, listen to with many playlists and to enjoy by video with some new treats only for you.

The new number of The Mag is beautiful (but why am I telling you this!) There are many characters: from Bebe Vio to Federica Angeli, from Giorgio Cavazzano to the singer Lenny.

And many stories. Like the one about Fausto Bizzirri, from the ceramics of the same name.

Did you know that he has been friends with Howard Schultz, yes Mr Starbucks.

In these pages you will find anecdotes and the narrative of the opening of the first shop of the famous chain of coffee shops of the one in Milan.

Then we began an important collaboration with the collective illustrators, graphic designers and artists of Becoming X who starting in the next number will give us the gift of their creativity and who we will present in a long interview with Daniele Pampanelli, mentor and guide, and a shared playlist.

We speak also of architecture, of nighttime trips to museums, of marvelous monasteries and more.

Then there is the story on the cover. Room number 305, a woman and the dreamlike atmostphere of Manuela Kalì, the photographer-writer who we interviewed and who prepared a very cool photographic project for The Mag.

What can I say, happy reading!

Oh, I am getting older, you know that I don’t want to.

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