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With the divine Monica Bellucci on this the Mag edition’s cover, my focus has necessarily been on the deep connection between film and music.

It’s an almost inseparable combination in many films and has reached its climax and became a true cinematic genre when the fascination with rock stars and the histories of music stars in general, has struck the imagination of writers, directors and producers.

Taking advantage of the new release of films depicting the life of beloved musicians like Jimi Hendrix (Jimi – ‘All Is by My Side’) and Nick Cave (‘20,000 Days on Earth’), here’s a checklist of some of my favourite films to discover or look back on a few of these intriguing stories.

– “Last Days” by Gus Van Sant (Kurt Cobain-Nirvana);

– “Sid and Nancy” by Alex Cox (Sid Vicious-Sex Pistol);

– “The Doors” by Oliver Stone (Jim Morrison-The Doors);

– “Control” by Anton Corbijn (Ian Curtis of Joy Division-)

– “Shine a Light” by Martin Scorsese (The Rolling Stones);

– “Nowhere Boy” by Sam Taylor-Wood (John Lennon-Beatles);

– “Unwritten” by Julien Temple (Joe Strummer-The Clash);

– “I’m Not There,” Todd Haynes (Bob Dylan);

– “Walk the Line” by James Mangold (Johnny Cash);

– “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” by Jeff Feuerzeig (Daniel Johnston);

– “Greetings from Tim Buckley” by Daniel Algrant (Tim and Jeff Buckley);

– “Heaven Adores You” by Nickolas Dylan Rossi (Elliott Smith);

– “Mistaken for Strangers” by Tom Berninger (The National);

– “PJ 20” by Cameron Crowe (Pearl Jam);

– “Amadeus” by Milos Forman (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart);

– “Ray” Taylor Hackford (Ray Charles);

– “Shine” directed by Scott Hicks (David Helfgott);


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