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This edition sees a round trip from Città di Castello to Milan to have a look around Expo 2015, the ‘event of the year’, and to try and see what’s really going on.

What are the pros and cons of this world-wide event? Who’s for it, who’s involved, and who has deserted? It wasn’t easy and while we were trying to flush out any companies that might have relevance to Expo’s ‘Feed the planet. Energy for life’ theme, something interesting happened. Frankie Hi Nrg, the artist rapper raised in Citta di Castello, triggered a debate by his refusal to act as an ambassador for Expo. His position and reasons have caused real ripples  – even on TV – due to the sinking in of some particularly relevant issues. I had a very pleasant interview with Frankie Hi NRG, who as usual had some interesting things to say. We also managed to speak with people who are directly involved in Expo and others involved in food-related side events.

In researching Expo, one thing has emerged loud and clear. The price to participate in it is high, and has discouraged greater involvement from our local food industries. But there’s more to life than Expo.  We’ve got other interesting stories in this issue where, as always, we talk too much about art!

It doesn’t eat,  true,  but it does feed the soul.

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