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In a quiet, green hilly area, not very far from the inhabited center, there lies the ‘villetta’, chosen for this issue of Our Home, that since last September has been lived in by a family of four. The home, with an independent entry, obviously, is on two levels: it is energy-efficient thanks to lights and led located in various places (take note of the spotlights and led strips), floor heating, the photovoltaic panels and solar panels.

By Marco Polchi

On the ground floor, as soon as you enter and pass the entrances, we have a wide living space on the right, where elegant, antique Neapolitan furniture and an English writing desk from the 800s stands out. At the beginning, the furnishings of this house were supposed to follow this trend, which would be giving more space to the classical elements, while leaving some rooms more modern. Instead, as months went by, this idea has changed; in fact, now the modern elements dominate the scene, starting from the Modulnova kitchen; you can enter the kitchen by two doors, one of which is a full-height Rimadesio made of glass and aluminum, which has voluntarily given value since it is the connection between the entrance and the kitchen.

It is here that the family spends most of its time and for this reason it has been divided into sections: one with a big working counter in technological stone, an elliptical kitchen range hood with attractive design and high-end appliances (such as an induction heater stovetop with optimal performance), the other part includes a table, a couch and television in order to create an environment that is suitable for living all the time.

Leaving the kitchen we find a long hallway that brings us to a study, a ‘taverna’ living room and a bathroom on the right. Then we go to the first floor, by means of a staircase made of wood, glass and steel, solid and elegant. Here we find the night area of the house with three bedrooms and two baths. In the master bedroom, we have a padded bed of sinuous lines which seems to go together with the valet stand made of steel. The bathrooms are pretty normal, even though they show particular details such as the coconut wood walls and the shower head that is embedded in the ceiling.


Two things have hit us. First the chromotherapy in the bathtub of the first floor bathroom that changes program every ten minutes. A corner that gains a certain personality and functionality, where you can have relaxing moments after a long day of work. Then another curiosity is the choice of a walk-in closet next to the master bedroom, on the second floor, which was first supposed to take the place of one of the two bathrooms. This room (that at first impact might seem small) stands out for its linear structure, thanks to the Rimadesio aluminum modules and to the comfort of gaining space and having everything at an arm’s reach (avoiding those tiring “seasonal changes” of the wardrobe.

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