Fargo’s Coming!

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Take a breath. ‘True Detective’ and ‘House of Cards’ is over – for now – Rust Cohle and Frank Underwood have been and gone and ‘serially’, (yes, tv series are changing language),  we all feel a bit more alone. But never fear, winter is coming and here’s Fargo, from December on Sky Atlantic.

Oh, Fargo. Put on a good jacket, thick jumper and woolly hat because we’re going straight to Minnesota – between the cities of Bemidji and Duluth – where it snows, it snows really badly, and where everything seems to be covered in a thick sheet of ice.

The comfortably middle-class life of Lester Nygaard, (Martin Freeman from ‘Sherlock’ and Bilbo Baggins in ‘The Hobbit’), listless insurance salesman and frightened husband, is literally turned upside down by an almost random encounter with Lorne Malvo, masterfully embodied by the slender figure and sardonic face of Billy Bob Thornton, (how can we forget him in ‘Bad Santa’, or as one of Angelina Jolie’s ex-husbands?)

Malvo is a killer, as sarcastic as he is ruthless, and involves poor Lester in an absurd, grotesque, sometimes macabre and even fun criminal plan. In practice ‘Fargo’ builds on the adventures of the two that, like it or not, are intertwined with each other, always persued by the intuition of detective Molly Solverson, (played by Allison Tolman), by far the cleverest of her many colleagues, including the head of police Bill Oswalt, (Bob Odenkirk, the legendary Saul Goodman from ‘Breaking Bad’!).

To tell the truth, the plot of Fargo has nothing terribly original about it, but the series isn’t important for this, but for its atmosphere and the unique style, photography and direction freely inspired by the 1996 film. The film that established the Coen brothers, (also producers of the first season), and won the Jury Prize at Cannes and two Academy Awards the following year. Like the film, the ten episodes anthology created by Noah Hawley has received several awards and, like its famous namesake, is not to be missed. Trust me.

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