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Fashion Weeks

di Kimberleigh Russell Welply

When September arrives the fashion world comes alive with excitement… that and of course sleepless nights, anxiety attacks and massive amounts of rigorous organization.

Trust me I’ve been there. Starting in New York the Fashion weeks then migrate to London, onto Milan and finally Paris. It is the moment that all reputable designers have been waiting to showcase their Spring/ Summer collections, the bloggers have been waiting for to dress themselves in wonderful outfits, the photographers have been waiting for to capture the perfect image and the models have been waiting for so that they can then eat again (of course I say that in jest because from the outside I suppose that must very often seem the case, whereas in fact I have seen models dive into a pizza midway through a shoot – no joke!).

Nonetheless September is a great month for Fashion. Like so much of the industry Fashion Week is not accessible to everyone but if you get your hands on October’s issue of Vogue or this weeks issue of Grazia and not to mention the whole of the internet everyone can get a glimpse of and a sense of the creativity and momentum within this exciting Industry. I think most of us have seen ‘The Devil wears Prada’ and I can say from experience, having been an intern at a major UK fashion magazine, that it is a pretty accurate description of what life within the fashion world is like.

I have also worked as a Fashion photographer and had to deal with brilliantly creative but stubborn designers and high maintenance models. In short it is not an easy world to work in but it is a wonderfully creative one. In the past few years I believe fashion has taken a very interesting turn. Designers are pushing the boundaries of conformity much more and at the same time so have we the public. Style is no longer dictated to us and instead we are becoming far more creative ourselves. Individuality has become paramount.

Gone are the days of buying the same jacket that all our friends have, instead now we raid second hand shops for unique pieces, borrow clothes off our parents, customise our clothes and throw outfits together that were never designed to be worn in such a way. One of my best friends, a fashion photographer based in Indonesia, recently said to me “Sometimes I find working within the Fashion Industry so suffocating and stressful, but on a personal level fashion is something that I love and really have fun with.”

And that is the point nowadays – be inspired by trends and the creative geniuses that hit the runways of this world with their collections but then create your own style and do not be afraid to do so because if you feel comfortable and cool – you will look it. It is a wonderfully exciting time to embrace your individuality and have so much fun doing so.

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