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In a kind of ideal passing of the baton between the year that is leaving us and the one that is arriving, we would like to leave traces that have shades of the colors of the rainbow.

And even the brilliance of the light, like sparks of the enthusiasm that moves everything and can do everything. The same one which has pushed the people who are on these pages in their small or large endeavors. Having objectives, working on obtaining them, rising above the positive waves, cultivating talents, making yourself better: in this number, so diverse you will find many simple stories – without much shine or polish – of people who have one thing in common. At a certain point, they said: «yes, I did it!». They said it and we from the Mag also say it, taking the opportunity to thank all those who support us in various ways or even just encouraging us to keep up our endeavors, which are never easy, to build a magazine.

This time page after page you will meet many colors, starting from the cover which gives homage to a wonderful manifestation that takes place every year in Citerna whose scenery was the backdrop to an image which contains the meaning of many things, a mother and a child.

An ideal cover which becomes the positive mood of the stories which we have chosen to tell you and which go from a great composer who was honored with the Golden Lion, to very young talents, to those who have accomplished true and real sports and entrepreneurial endeavors. We continue with the adored art section: a photographic story of the latest news about Burri and a close-up visit, burners included, to the home of Giampaolo Tomassetti, which is inhabited by marvelous creatures.

Ah… how much happiness is in good emotions! There is a need for it, because out there it is not all rainbows, no. 2016 has not been easy, in addition there was the earthquake which brought a sense of fear to Umbria, which suggests how ephemeral we are. Ephemeral yes, but capable of having marvelous dreams.

Happy new year and thank you!

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