Festival delle Nazioni – When Europe becomes Music

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The 46th Edition of the ‘Festival Delle Nazioni’ will be featuring Europe as host nation in this year of the economic crisis. Europe is facing an historically difficult time, and so contemporary European musicians are being called upon to feature the work of past ones from various countries.

by Cristina Crisci

«Our intention is to honor an idea of Europe as a united political entity at a time in which this seems less and less the case. It is an occasion to think about the European artistic identity in all its complexities», explains the Artistic Director Aldo Sisillo.

There will be fourteen concerts performed during the 12 days of the Festival from the 27th of August until the 7th of September in Citta di Castello and a couple of special venues in nearby towns. This 46th Edition will have the patronage of the European Parlament, thanks to the efforts of Festival President Giuliano Giubilei.

Michael Nyman, the famous British ‘minimalist’ composer who is perhaps best known for the soundtrack of the Oscar winning film “The Piano”, will be featured this year. His appearance at the festival will enlarge its scope as an exclusively Chamber Music event. He will be performing his tribute to the silent film era and Eisenstein’s movie “Battleship Potemkin” (1925), a cornerstone of cinematography.

This work by Nyman was presented in Normandy in 2011 and it will be performed for the first time in Italy, along with several soundtracks written for director Peter Greenaway’s movies. The concert is scheduled for the 1st of September in the Church of San Domenico. Among the many tributes to great musicians, the opening concert (with singer Gabriele Lavia and musicians of the La Scala Chamber Orchestra) will be dedicated to Verdi for his 200th birthday on the 27th of August in the Church of San Domenico.

This is not all. The event will also focus on the Italian influence on Bach and the 1700’s in Europe: the «Croatian Baroque Ensemble» and the alto singer Paolo Lopez (30th of August, San Domenico Church) will perform several examples of these kind of cultural crossing points. Composer Orlando di Lasso’s work will be performed by the Odhecaton Ensamble on the 28th of August in the San Francesco Church, Citerna.

The Nextime Ensamble will pay a tribute to Luciano Berio on the 31st of August in the San Domenico Church, and Cellist Mario Brunello will play Bach Music on the 3rd of September (at San Crescentino, in Morra). Closing the calendar will be the ‘Solisti di Perugia’ with the ‘Orchestra della Toscana’ and the ‘Corale Marietta Alboni’ on the 7th of September, San Domenico Church.

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