Finally back on our screens – ‘True Detective’ (and many more)

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From True Detective to Believe, a schedule of the most interesting TV series that will come on our channels but also in the USA, in these two months.

Autumn won’t be all fog and rain this year. On the contrary, for television series fans, October and November will mean a whole lot of goodies. There’ll be more shows  than ever, full of stories, talent and viewer catalysts.  Witness the growing number of well-known film directors who choose the serial format,  seeing it as a great way to develop plots and characters. In particular Martin Scorsese, author of the pilot episode of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and producer of that series, now in its fifth season.  The same goes for the Coen Brothers, executive producers of  ‘Fargo‘, a series of 10 episodes based on their 1996 film, and which won three Emmys in the USA and arrives in Italy in December.



That said, I’ll try to put things in order by knocking out a schedule of the most interesting things  that will be coming on both Italian and overseas channels. In Italy, ‘Crisis’ (Season 1, Mondays on FOX),  ‘Dracula’ (with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, every Monday on Channel 5), ‘Orange is the new black’ (Tuesdays on MYA) and season two of ‘House of Cards’ with Kevin Spacey (Tuesday on Sky Atlantic, where ‘The Pacific’  is also airing), all started this month.


Orange is the new black

September in the US sees series like ‘The League’, ‘Sons of Anarchy’, ‘Z Nation’ (in the wake of ‘The Walking Dead’,  with Harold Perrineau, aka Michael from ‘Lost’), the second season of ‘The Blacklist’, and  ‘Forever’, in which the protagonist is a famous doctor from New York who is 200 years old and immortal but doesn’t know why.

Moving on to October and hold on tight, because this month you should definitely follow the southern gothic ‘True Detective’, (from 3rd October on Sky Atlantic, with Matthew McConaughey), ‘The Revenants’, (Sky Atlantic from Wednesday 15th), the return of ‘The Walking Dead’ (fifth season on Fox) and the premier of ‘Gotham’ – the highly anticipated prequel to ‘Batman’. (The first two episodes on 12th will show on Italia 1 and then continue on Premium Action).


Les Revenants

In America, the focus will be on ‘Gracepoint’, (with Anna Gunn, former wife of Walter in ‘Breaking Bad’), ‘The Flash’ and ‘The Affair’ with Joshua Jackson.

In November, the American channel NBC will see the return of Katherine Heigl in ‘State of Affairs’ whilst in Italy we have the first episode of  Believe’ – produced by JJ Abrams, (of ‘Lost’ fame), and directed by Oscar winner (and as I was saying..!)  Alfonso Cuarón.


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