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I’ll say it now, I’m not a great one for sport. I love walking, sometimes running, but competitions make me anxious. Suffice it to say that when I was a child at the youth games my school was attending, I heard them call my name for the shot put and hid. I couldn’t even do the half-torso rotation necessary to launch it.

I can, however, launch thoughts and words. This attitude to sporting failure has, nevertheless, created in me a kind of deep admiration for those who do win that gives me a thrill; watching award ceremonies on TV with the athletes on the podium, medals round their necks and national anthems (even Azerbaijan’s!), I feel like crying. For all these reasons I say that in this issue we care a lot.

Our cover is dedicated to four young people who took on big challenges this summer; Andrea Vescovi who won gold in the complicated double trap shooting discipline; gold medallist in judo Annalisa Calagreti at only 16; Fred Morini who cycled 2500 kilometers after two serious injuries, and the very special 19 year old Giampietro Zanchi who returned from competing in gymnastics at the Los Angeles Olympics.

Somewhat different challenges were faced by Ed Menichella who toured  Italy’s stadiums opening for Jovanotti, whilst Irene Splendorini took on the world of television drama. Goran Bregović, on the other hand, is a winner every time he gets on stage with his cosmpolitan Balkan music. All of these, along with other stories and contributions, make up The Mag’s 18th issue.

The victories of others become those for all who believe in something!

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